Savvy Frugality 101


Frugality Isn’t Frumpy!  Here’s The Best Posts To Make Your Life Frugal & Beautiful:

Here are my favorite posts if you’re looking to save more, get out of debt, or do something cool with your money!


Getting Out Of Debt?  Start Here:

How To Stop Lying About Your Debt

The 5 Things I Learned About Student Debt In College

How To Tell If Your Spending Is Out Of Control & How To Stop It

The Best Books To Read When You’re Getting Out Of Debt


Financial Foundations:

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your Credit Score

A Beginner’s Guide To Improving Your Credit Score

Health & Wealth: How Your Money And Your Body Are Connected 

How To Start A Fiscal Fast (AKA A 30 Day No-Spend Challenge)

How To Save $1300 A Year:  The Mason Jar Money Method

How To Budget Using A Cash System

Top Financial Books To Read In Your 20’s


Frugal Living:

My Best FrugalTactics For Stress-Free Budget Living

How Living Paycheck To Paycheck Can Help You Hit Your Financial Goals

Easy Ways To Have More and Spend Less

How I Lived On An $800 A Month Budget In The City

100 Frugal Date Ideas For All 4 Seasons

How To Make Cheap Wine Taste Expensive



Brides On A Budget / Frugal Weddings:

How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Gift?

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Bridesmaid?

How I “Popped” The Question To My Bridesmaids (Cute Gift Idea!)


Frugal Fashion:

Savvy Wardrobe Secrets To Save Money & Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Wardrobe Essentials Every Frugal Girl Must Have

How I Get Kate Spade For Cheap- Outlet Shopping


Frugal Travel:

How To Travel Cheap But Have A Rich Experience (Part 1)

How To Travel Cheap But Have A Rich Experience (Part 2)

Backpacking 101: How To Pack Smart When Checked Bags Are Expensive

How To Pack 9 Days Of Clothes In 1 Carry On (save you $$!)

How To Start Saving For Travel

The Five Best Travel Apps To Help You Save Money

The Five Things You Cannot Forget When Traveling



Disney On A Budget

How To Do Disney On A Budget 

My First Trip To Disney World… On A Budget!




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