How To Be Cheap In Travel But Rich In Experience (Part 2)

April 15, 2015


When preparing for you trip, it’s extremely important to decipher the differences between skimping on adventures and being smart about activities. Travelers often fall victim to tourists’ traps, paying more than twice the amount for excursions and gadgets they could very well compensate for on their own.

It’s easy to fall into the ideology that longer, farther and more expensive trips somehow provide a richer experience, which is 100% not the case. Take these tips into consideration to make sure you get the most bang for you buck while not draining your savings account.

Farther Isn’t Necessarily Better

We all have our breaking moments when a simple jaunt down the coast isn’t enough. We want to get away, and I mean really get away. However, there are numerous undiscovered gems that are often overlooked because starry-eyed travelers find them too ‘safe’, or not drastic enough. If a tropical vacation is on your mind, skip the costly (and lengthy!) flight to Hawaii and book a trip to the Florida Keys instead.

Depending on where you’re living, don’t think it’s settling to have your destination closer rather than farther away. The more money you save on the actual expenses to get there, the more you’ll have to spend on the experience once you’ve arrived. While there are some places that are worth the investment, looking at you, Santorini, Greece, dig a little deeper for more convenient trips if you want to travel numerous times a year and have it fit into your budget.

Skip The Hotels

With options like AirBnB and Couch-surfing, never pay full price for a hotel again. These services allow you to rent out another person’s room, apartment, tree house, etc. for an affordable cost with maximum amenities. By finding a space to rent out for a few days in a centralized location, you can also save money on those extra transportation fees since you’ll be in a prime location. Bonus!

Eat One Meal A Day At Home

Eating out is the quickest way to up your expenses; two pitchers of sangria can double your bill! To keep your food budget reasonable, buy local foods at a nearby grocery store or farmer’s market to make some meals at home. If you’re staying at an AirBnB (see above!), most places will have a kitchen for you to use.

While visiting Spain, we opted to buy a loaf of fresh bread, some eggs and jam to make French toast in the kitchen of the apartment we stayed in. Not only were we able to indulge in what the locals ate, but we also got to enjoy some leisurely breakfasts together before we headed out for the day.

Streamline Your Stops

Many airlines are now allowing you to make stopovers, which is when you stay in a connection city for over 24 hours, while you’re on your way abroad. Consider combining trips by having your flight to Ireland stopover in Iceland for a few days for minimal extra cost. Another great stopover is spending a few days in Los Angeles or San Francisco while on your way to Japan.

Managing your time and flight schedules to include stopovers allows you to make the most of your connections and layovers. This way, you not only break up a longer flight, but you also get to experience both trips for less since flights will be a combined total cost, not entirely separate trips. A quick search online will let you know which stopovers are most sensible and cost efficient for the destination you have in mind.

Be Selective with Souvenirs

Since many travelers follow a minimalist lifestyle (it’s hard to float from place to place with lots of items re: crap to carry), it’s important to be choosy when picking souvenirs from various locales. I tend to chose objects that are free or of little cost, such as seashells from each beach I visit or a postcard from the different cities. Often times, I find the pictures I take are enough to remind me of that journey. Keep in mind, smaller items are easier to pack and carry with you so don’t stock up on bulky items you could easily buy at home.

What types of souvenirs do you like to get when traveling?

I keep a few mason jars on my desk filled with shells, seaglass, and sand from the different places I’ve been. I like seeing reminders of those trips on a daily basis and they also make great bookends!


Read more tips on traveling rich here.

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27 responses to “How To Be Cheap In Travel But Rich In Experience (Part 2)”

  1. Eden says:

    Great tips, I have been trying to eat at “home” on vacation this past while and it really is a great way to save money. I find that when I’m on vacation, I feel encouraged to spend more because I’m on vacation so might as well, but that’s an unhealthy mentality and eats up a lot of the travel budget.

    • Juliette Kopp says:

      Yes! Couldn’t agree more. It also helps relax my stomach a bit when I’m eating at least some food I’m used to!

  2. Josh and I skip most souvenirs too! We just pick up a magnet that reminds us of the trip to add to our collection.

    • Juliette Kopp says:

      Magnets are the best, great idea! They’re a constant reminder of fun travels (since I visit the fridge so often..) but don’t take up much space!

  3. I always eat breakfast either at the hotel or with groceries I buy. It’s cheaper and more relaxing (to me) than eating out for every single meal. Plus, I get to feel like local by cooking.

  4. Michelle says:

    Food is so expensive when traveling! I’m all about saving some money and eating at least some of the meals during the trip at the hotel. Helps us save some serious cash that way.

  5. Deni says:

    I love to travel and stay at places that have kitchens so I can cook. What is even more fun is taking a local cooking class while you are there. Usually I have breakfast at the room, eat out while exploring and make a nice locally sourced dinner for me and my fellow travelers. We save our money for drinks while listening to local music. But for souvenirs, I find nothing quite is as nice as a small piece of art bought on the sidewalk.

  6. Vivian says:

    AirBNB is a fantastic way to save some money, and try a new experience. In major cities, you can get amazing prices on renting a night at a person’s condo vs. paying for a hotel.

  7. Jean Andrews says:

    I agree with farther is not necessarily better. There are a lot of great local places and everything now can be searched online.

  8. USA Traveler says:

    I wish my parents planned trips around the US, I can’t wait to see more of it! Adri we’re a little old school like that, we’ll still have GPS (because my husband LOVES gadgets) but we will be using the map, we did for the last couple trips we took.

  9. lisa says:

    I have to say I have traveled to many places in the US and abroad and still to this day my favorite trip EVER, hands down, was the road trip he planned from Jersey up to PEI one summer. It was a long trip but it was absolutely amazing. I think now that GPS exists we forget the art of a well planned road trip. Much luck with the drive!Goeuro Coupons

  10. emma says:

    I’ve been lurking here for quite awhile … funny the topic that gets me to comment is about traveling and eating. My husband and I joke about food and travel, “I’m just here for the food.” Do you know that line from the movie “Ever After?” Our favorite memories of trips are the meals eaten. 😀Omio Coupons

  11. shiza says:

    What a wonderful idea for travelling light but keeping memories. This week we are starting a four month journey through Italy and Croatia. I am stealing your idea for a weekly photo. Thank you!Visit for more information.

  12. Hello, Great things you’ve always shared with us. Just keep writing this kind of posts. The time which was wasted in traveling for tuition now it can be used for studies. Thanks for including me! I loved reading through this feature. I’m happy to know that we all have our own versions of our happy place!

  13. disc says:

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  14. carry says:

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  15. lisa says:

    SO glad that I found this post, as the husband and I are travelling to San Diego for a week in May! Our favorite part of travelling is finding off-the-beaten-path places to eat, and he takes pride in ALWAYS finding the best obscure places. We are from Nashville, and I’d have to say that one of the best places I’ve eaten there is Cabana, on 21st Avenue in Hillsboro Village (not too far from the Bound’ry). Also great is Bricktops on West End for their flatbreads, and Piranha’s for sandwiches downtown.jeftine avio karte

  16. lisa says:

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  17. carry says:

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  18. lisa says:

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  19. lisa says:

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  24. carry says:

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  25. JustBudapest says:

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