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In 2010, I came to Chicago to get my Master’s Degree to then go on to my Ph.D. which ended up being my $32,000 mistake.

I wanted to learn how to be live on $800 a month in Chicago (spoiler: you can’t unless you get crafty..read more here), but also, how to be happy doing it.  Years later, I’m happily living the dream in San Antonio, Texas with my partner and two rescue dogs- finally, feeling fulfilled and financially FREE and am committed to helping you live your best life.

That is my hope, for this humble blog- to help everyone cultivate a life that’s beautiful no matter what their budget is. (…or isn’t!)

My big pet peeve is that people equate frugality with being cheap. I’ve also learned that saving money on toothpaste won’t get you financially free, you have to be smart in your savings, strategic in your earnings (ask for more!), and hustle…always, always hustle.

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More About Moi:

I’m Shannyn…33 years old, living in San Antonio Texas with my pug, Matilda, Joey the Boston terrier.  I’m half Canadian, but born & raised in California.

I’m a Social Media Manager… In addition to blogging, I am passionate about social media management, influencer marketing & am app-obsessed to the point I made it my career! 

My most unfrugal purchase ever… probably my Master’s Degree, but I also did save and buy one pair of LouBoutin shoes.  I will keep them until I die, (or can’t wear heels anymore!)

My favorite way to save money…I house hack with Airbnb, so I always have at least two people in my house. 

Biggest piece of frugal advice…you can do anything you set your mind to, by saving at least $1 a day.  Don’t make an excuse, just start where you can!  Any progress is good progress, just start.



A 2015 solo cruise to Bermuda- saved for and paid for in cash. Frugality is awesome!

The name of my blog sometimes gives folks the wrong impression- my frugality is not about extreme couponing.

Frugality is a way of life so you can spend wisely.  Spend fabulously on what matters to you, and skip or save on the rest. 



The Carmel Mission Inn - sitting poolside is just lovely! It's so colorful!

I love to travel, and frugality paired with creativity makes it happen. A photo from a trip to Big Sur in 2015.

Flower and Garden Festival

Exploring EPCOT with two of my dearest friends.

Zip lining Vallarta Adventures Zip Lining in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Meet Metilda Our New Rescue Pug My pug Matilda, I adopted her from a pug rescue.


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