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Does your site or project need content that’s well written, delivered on time and engineered to the latest social trends to hook readers?

Perhaps you need a writer that knows how to speak to women and millennials, or has a unique spin on finance and travel? I’m your gal!

With six years of experience working as a professional internet influencer and a professional social media manager for a variety of large clients, my goal is to write copy that captivates.  My writing combines a bit of SEO-savvy brands love, with user-friendly trend relevance for content that is exactly what women are searching for.

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My name is Shannyn Allan and I’m a professional writer and blogger who geeks out about creating online content for my clients!

Topics I specialize in:


Examples of My Work:

“Are You Sabotaging Your Savings?” Bankrate.com


If you run a website that needs a ghostwriter or editorial content, send me a line at frugalbeautiful (at) gmail.com or utilize my contact form!




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