How To Do A Sock Bun For A Run That Will Survive A Half Marathon

September 5, 2013

How To Make A Race-Proof Sock Bun (half marathon tested!)


If you’re a runner or have a costumed race coming up, chances are you typically slick your hair back into a standard ponytail and want to mix things up a bit.  Most of us don’t want to fuss with hair on race morning, but even more, we’re worried that our hair will get in the way during a race or simply distract us from a personal record or look awful by the end of the race.

Last January, I ran the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and of course- the look could not be complete without the typical pixie bun on the top of my head.  I ran the entire 13.1 miles without a problem.  With hair bands, bobby pins, hair spray and an old clean sock (with the toe cut off and rolled) you will have a race-ready sock bun for whatever distance you want to fly!


How To Make A Sock Bun To Run In

You will need hairspray, 3 elastic hair ties, bobby pins, a headband and an old clean sock with the toe cut off, rolled to form an “O.”


How To Do A Sock Bun For Your Next Race (Half Marathon approved!)

Doing a sock bun is super easy:

First, put the headband on around your neck (especially if it’s no-slip this will prevent frizz)

Then, pull your hair into a high ponytail and pull the headband into place.

Next, you will put the sock around your ponytail and spread your hair over the sock, covering all parts.

Once the sock is covered, you will have excess hair all around the crown of your head- use another hair tie to keep the hair in place.

Gather the excess hair and wrap it around the bun and tuck it under.  The thicker the sock, the easier excess hair will hide under the bun.

Finally, coat with hair spray to smooth and add as many bobby pins as needed to feel secure.  (Add an extra hair tie if you have really long hair).

Easy peezy and race ready!

For this tutorial, I used Goody Ouchless hair bands.  I use this brand since they don’t hurt pulling out of sweaty (glistening?) hair or after a swim- and they come in tons of colors.  I use them all the time and have a ton of them so I never run out!

Get free Goody hair elastics when you buy U by Kotex at Target  Text KOTEX to TARGET (or, 827438) to get your coupon!

So, do you have hair products you can’t live without when you workout?

How do you normally wear your hair on race day?



This post is sponsored by U by Kotex and Style Coalition

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6 responses to “How To Do A Sock Bun For A Run That Will Survive A Half Marathon”

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    I’m known for wearing 2 French braids on race days… its a habit now & everyone looks for my braids to know its me 🙂

    I’d be afraid I couldn’t wear a hat with the bun – but it a cute look!

    • Shannyn says:

      Rebecca Jo, I wish I could french braid my own hair, it always comes out horrible! I’m trying to teach the beau to do it but no luck yet! Me=jealous!

  2. I’ll have to try this on a training run. If I succeed, I might use it on marathon Sunday!

  3. Erin says:

    My hair usually goes in a pony tail with a Bondi Band. But this is adorable and I may try it!

  4. Jackie K says:

    Before I chopped off 10 inches, I would have a looped braid in back. Ponytail, braid, then another ponytail holder around the end of the braid and the first ponytail holder. I was going for pragmatism. Buns typically ended up bouncing around and braids flopping on my back were super annoying. The sock bun sounds more secure than my old system! Although my (now) shoulder length hair likely wouldn’t cover the sock. Ponytail and a visor or headband do the trick for me now!

  5. Paola says:

    Amazing post, I love the detail you put on all your post…would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin? follow me and leave a comment on my blog and i shall surely be following you back


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