The Virtual Pug Run 5k/10k & 1 Miler

August 14, 2014


The Virtual Pug Run


Pug Unicorns…pugicorns.  With the magic of unicorns and the adorable ambition of a pug, you can accomplish anything…a personal best at your next race, the ability to jump higher, run farther… or the ability to look at a human and get them to give you whatever nom-noms they currently don’t want to share.  The magic of pugicorns.

I’m really excited to announce the first ever Virtual Pug Run to benefit the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue 

You can run a 5k, 10k, 1 Miler and get a medal for $27, or you can just donate to the cause!

Virtual Pug Run For Pug Rescue
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If we can save 26.2 pugs, my friend will run the Chicago Marathon in this singlet.

This all started when my friend signed up for the Chicago Marathon and we discovered a ridiculous pug singlet for sale online…

…the idea came to be that he’d run his first marathon in a pug singlet f we could match the “awesome” with a pug rescue fundraiser.  I knew what I had to do…

We want to save 26.2 pugs, for a donation of $7,860.  As my fiancé runs his marathon at the Chicago Marathon, we’d like to dedicate each of his miles (and the .2) to changing the life of one pug and fundraising for the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue.

To save 26.2 pugs, we’re hosting a Pug Virtual 5k, 10k or 1 Miler with REAL medals

That’s right.  You can support the cause, and run or walk on your home turf between now and October 12th, when Chris runs in a badass pug singlet (seen above) and you’ll get a shhh-weet unicorn pug diecast medal mailed to your door.

To hit our lofty financial goal, we’d have to have over 375+ participants.  To be able to afford to do bigger medals, we’d need to hit 500 medals to get a better discount and still hit our $7,860 goal.

We need your help to spread the word.  Are there people you can share this with?

Even more, we need GROUPS of runners to participate.

Church groups, work groups, running clubs, friends who have dogs.  Batching orders of 5-10 participants or more will help us cut shipping costs so more $ goes to the cause, but also lowers the signup fees for everyone involved.

Medals will be mailed out the week of the Chicago Marathon, October 12th.  Help us by spreading the word and batching your orders.  Since you can register more than 1 person at a time- could you sign up a spouse, child, friend or pug enthusiast with your order?

Would you like to surprise a group of friends with a thoughtful and unique gift- to run a 5k or 10k together and get a surprise medal?


100% of proceeds after cost go to pug rescue.

We need about 375 runners to hit our fundraising goal.

Pug Unicorn Medal - Register Now!  Virtual Pug Race September 2014

*this is the first mockup of the medal, the finished design may be slightly different but even more awesomer!

How You Can Help:

Register To Run: Sign up to run- wherever you are, whenever you can run.  Everyone gets a medal for supporting a cause.

– Share This Run With A Group:  Are you part of a church group, running club or have a group of friends who could support the cause? Could your employer support the cause and do a lunch break 1-miler? Registration for groups can be done easily, or registrations can be gifted.

Make A Donation:  Donate cash to the cause if you’d rather not run.

-Spread the word!  Does your church, work, or running group want to run?  Ask your boss or run club leader if they’d like to commit the group to participating in a mile, 5k or 10k for a good cause.



Sign Up To Run or Donate Here:

Register Now Button


Seriously, thank you.  Let’s hope for the crazy-big goal of 375 pug runners and my fiancé will be running in a pug singlet at the Chicago Marathon!




32 comments so far.

32 responses to “The Virtual Pug Run 5k/10k & 1 Miler”

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    I’ve spread the word on my Facebook page 🙂 I just want to see that unitard in the Chicago Marathon!!!!

    • Shannyn says:

      Thank you so so much! YES..and he HAS to wear this for the Chicago Marathon! I’m planning on being there in a pug Tshirt with pug signs to cheer him on.. it’s going to be nuts! 😀

  2. Annmarie says:

    As a mom of two pugs I’ll absolutely be signing up & spreading the word! SO awesome!!!

    • Annmarie says:

      I just signed up and shared with my running group! Hoping to convince them to sign up and participate with me 🙂

      • Shannyn says:

        Thank you so, so, so much! Honestly, a goal this big scared me and I hope you know how much the support is from the bottom of my pug loving heart, SO very appreciated!

        THANK YOU!

  3. This is fantastic! I’m a pug mom and can’t WAIT to do this with my boyfriend!

  4. Spread the word all over FB, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, Love the cute lil unicorn pug. I’ll be helping to support you.

  5. I love fitness and dogs! Is this the first time you have done this? Great idea!

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks Jillian! Yes, this is my first virtual run…so I’m really excited, a bit nervous and the medals are going to be SUPER cute.. diecast metal, glitter and cute ribbons, all for a good cause!

      Now to just spread the word!

  6. Erika says:

    This is a wonderful cause! I’ll help spread the word to my many pug-owning friends!

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks so much Erika! Spreading the word is exactly what we need! I know our goal is huge, and every tweet, share and email helps!!

  7. Hello! I’m signing up for this virtual race but was wondering if there was an option to buy an extra medal? I belong to the IR4 group and would love to get an extra medal for my buddy 🙂 Just let me know 🙂

    • Shannyn says:

      Hi Jennifer! ABSOLUTELY!! Yes, you can sign up as many runners as you like, you can just put your address/email in for all of them, etc. or however you’d like to divvy it up!

      You can register as many folks as you’d like and the fees go down the more you register (though I chose this site because it had the lowest fees of all of them!)


  8. I love the cause and those adorable medals. I would be very interested although I am wondering if you will be shipping medals to Canada or other countries or if I have to be in the States to receive the medal?

    • Shannyn says:

      Hi Julie! Thanks so much for asking! Due to the fact that shipping medals internationally is sometimes 3-4 times as expensive as shipping in the states, it eats into the donation amount quite significantly. 100% of the proceeds after cost are going to the cause (no profit margin for me, we’re covering the cost, every penny goes into the cause) so there’s no wiggle room on shipping costs 🙁 I have though had several inquiries from folks in Canada and the UK and ask that if you’re willing, if you’d be willing to cover the shipping costs by making an extra donation to the cause.

      Donations can be made when you check out during registration, there will be an option to put a few extra dollars in…that would really help if you are willing and I’d love to send you a medal!!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  9. Awesome!!! I’m going to spread the word. Love the cause. Would love to see your fiance run in that singlet!!

    • Shannyn says:

      Thank you SO SO much Carrie!! I appreciate it, we need a lot of folks to carry the torch to spread the word! We have about 67 runners so far, and over $300 in extra donations, but we need to hit around 300-375 runners to hit our goal by September, we’ll get there with help! 🙂

  10. CG Hairell says:

    Absolutely love this idea. I’m always blown away at how much you put into your local pug rescue. I’ll definitely be running in this, and I’m sending this to all my running/walking/crawling friends.

    • Shannyn says:

      Thank you SO SO much! To be able to hit the goal, it’s going to take a lot of shares, a lot of support. Everything helps and is so greatly appreciated!

  11. Summer says:

    This is absolutely great. First race I’ve heard of about running for animals rather than people. I spread the word on my Facebook and twitter! I can’t wait!

  12. Suzanne says:

    Just signed up! I’m in Scotland but I put an extra $10 dollars donation in for shipping

    Such a cute idea! Pugs and running, awesome!! Hope you reach your goal! X

  13. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this idea and cause! I am also running the Chicago Marathon and am running for PAWS Chicago. Also, you know I’m running this Pug Run… I want to die laughing when I see a man running the marathon in a pug singlet – LOL!

  14. lex says:

    Hello! I am very mush interested in running a 10km to help out the pugs! Kudos to your fiance for running a full marathon in a pug onesy 😉

    Is there a deadline date for sign up?

    • Shannyn says:

      Hi Lex! The official cutoff is Sept. 12th, but we’re working on wrapping up registrations this week in order to get an accurate medal count. Thanks for asking!

  15. David Kegg says:

    Signed up for the 10k and spread the word in Facebook. Hopefully, you will get a few more entrants. Good luck with the cause.

  16. Lucy Kate says:

    Oh darn! I heard about this too late to register. What a fun thing — good luck with all of it!


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