Top 11 Beauty Products To Pack When You have To Travel Light

December 3, 2015
Beauty Travel Essentials When You Need To Pack Light
Despite the fact that you’re going to be running between airport gates or sweating on an overheated plane cabin, a girl’s still gotta look fly (pun intended). Choosing which products to carry with you when traveling is all about identifying the essentials and getting as much bang for your buck as possible. When you have to pack light, it’s important to only bring things that are multi-purposed and functional. Keep in mind the type of trip you’re embarking on. If some formal evenings are in the books, you’ll need to throw in an extra pair of lipstick. But if you’re about to climb Mount Everest, consider an extra container of bug spray. These are my go-to items for when space really matters!


BB Cream: Acting as a light foundation, BB Cream is perfect for both moisturizing and evening out your skin. This one also includes a sunscreen, bonus! Three bottles in one.

Sample Mascara: To save room, opt to carry a sample size mascara. You can often earn these as rewards from most major department stores as well as the beauty store Mecca, Sephora. Or buy them online.

Lip Balm: As a committed member of the chapstick-addiction club, kiss-worthy lips are always a must. Make sure yours includes sunscreen.


Travel Sized Advil: Jet lag, high pressure, dry air and obscure meal times all add up to one thing: headaches. Keep a bottle of these in your bag so your adventures aren’t hindered from head pounding. (Frugal hack: keep the container and refill from a cheaper bulk jar of pills once empty so you’ll always have a travel size ready to go. Make sure it’s clearly and accurately labeled!).

Travel Containers: While you can purchase an adorable set of travel containers, my inner-frugal gal prefers to dump out the contents of the bottles from previous hotel stays to fill with my own products. This way, I can throw out the odd-smelling lotion I’ll never wear and pour in a TSA-approved amount of my preferred body wash.

Band Aids + Blister Block: blisters, blisters, and more blisters. Always keep 5-10 band-aids in your bag for those moments when you realize those boots were not made for walkin’.

Deodorant: Because a hot, beach vacation does come with some drawbacks. A travel size fits perfectly into a small case.

Eye Mask: If you want any hope of escaping jet lag, keep an eye mask close by for those red eye flights. Some longer rides will hand these out for free that you can reuse on future flights.


Coconut Oil: I’ve officially boarded the coconut oil band wagon and can’t leave home without it. It’s perfect for moisturizing dry skin and lips and awesome at stopping itchy bug bites. As a stand-in shaving cream, it prevents nicks in awkward, tiny hostel showers. You can also swirl it in your mouth for 20 minutes (oil pulling, anyone?) to clean your mouth and whiten your teeth! Oh, you can also slather it on toast for a healthy snack. Either pour some into a small jar to take with you or invest in a travel size.


Make-up Wipes: Although you tend to lax on many of your routines when abroad, washing your faces is not one of them. Although these fancy wipes take up limited space and smell like heaven in a napkin, baby wipes in a plastic bag work just as well.


Facial Spray: Traveling can be a high stress scenario. To calm your nerves and keep you feeling clean, a facial spray is the perfect way to freshen up when you’re in a rush. To make your own, buy a reusable spray bottle and fill it with water and the essential oil of your choice. Rose oil is a personal favorite.

Most importantly, traveling is a good time to embrace your natural beauty. Instead of focusing on what you look like, shift your focus onto where you’re visiting. All those minutes you save skipping your make-up routine could be spent exploring a new city or indulging in a new restaurant. Prioritize.

What’s your must-have on a plane?

While Chapstick will always be my number one lover, a good book is a close second. Nothing makes layovers fly by quite like reading Hunger Games for a third time.



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5 responses to “Top 11 Beauty Products To Pack When You have To Travel Light”

  1. Joules says:

    Great picks! Advil is definitely a must for me when I travel!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  2. Whitney says:

    This is also a great list of things to keep in your car if you commute! I have practically everything except the sleeping mask. Although that would probably make short naps in my car much nicer 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    Cute picks, you are a well seasoned traveler!


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