Fit Travel: What’s In My Suitcase #MakeYourMove

March 30, 2015


Traveling?  It can easily undo any fit habits you have, but it doesn't have to!  I try and pack smart so fun travel doesn't unravel my fitness routine!  #MakeYourMove


This is the year I want to travel a lot more.  In the past, I’ve found vacations and business trips to be totally disruptive in my fitness schedule- and when I was on vacation, I took a mental vacation from working out and being mindful about my eating.  Now, don’t get me wrong- when I’m in a new locale, I don’t like to limit my exploration of delicious food and beverage, but I now try not to fall off the wagon completely.

I love using running as a way to see a new city- and if I’m traveling in the winter, I relish in trying out a hotel’s fancy gym (since I don’t have a gym membership back home), so fitness is built into my sightseeing and experiencing new places.  I’ve been able to run in California, Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado and loved being able to experience the city this way!

The first step to making sure you’re fit on the fly, is to pack appropriately.  Here’s a peek into my suitcase:


You have to pack smart when you travel otherwise, you'll never stay healthy!  What I pack to stay on track with my fitness goals, for Kohl's #MakeYourMove

My packed suitcase…full of goodness!

First up- I don’t just pack fitness clothes and running shoes- I plan ahead for being hungry and thirsty.  Investing in collapsible storage containers can help you avoid unhealthy vending machines when you’re staying at a hotel.  You can bring your own snacks, or take a jog to a nearby market to pick up some healthy snacks when you arrive. When you’re done eating, you squish them and you’re done.

I also pack an empty water bottle and a blender bottle for my protein shakes.  Water is free (this girl is frugal) from the fountain, and I’m not a fan of paying $4 for a bottle from the room.  Protein powder, or electrolyte drinks are easy to pack- just ad water when you arrive!  I also like to throw in a bag of trail mix, since it’s always cheaper at home than at a hotel later!

What I travel with to stay healthy #MakeYourMove

Collapsible Food Storage /  Nike Water Bottle /  Contigo Blender Bottle (similar)  /  Trail Mix from Kohl’s


I also pack in my workout clothes (obviously) and here are my new pieces for the trip I’m taking out to California in a few weeks.  I am obsessed with bright colors.  They just make me happy when I workout.

My new workout clothes from Kohls, great for travel!  #MakeYourMove

FILA Ombre Hooded Jacket /  Nike Tank & Leggings /  Nike socks / eos balm 


The FILA Jacket has me super excited, it’s a tie-dye gradient in gorgeous neon colors (it also came in shades of pink) and is perfect for chilly mornings in the desert before the sun rises, but also is high visibility if you’re running along a road in the early morning hours.  Safety (and style) first!  The colors just make me happy!

FILA Jacket from Kohl's #MakeYourMove


I’m so excited for my upcoming trip- it will be fit, fun and frugal!  Spring is such a refreshing time of year to travel and get active in new places.  I’ll be visiting Sedona, Arizona, a quick trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and then I’ll galavant a bit around California to visit family and friends- so traveling while fit and frugal will be much easier with some new gear!  This spring, I want also travel light to avoid baggage fees, so I got a gorgeous new white Samsonite carry-on suitcase which has four wheels (instead of my old one that had two) and it makes getting through the train turnstiles so easy!

Packing smart makes travel fit and frugal- I cannot wait for the next adventure!


This spring, I have partnered with Kohl’s on my journey to live a happier, healthier life!  I hope you have enjoyed  these posts on fitness and wellness to #MakeYourMove for healthier beginnings in 2015!

Follow the Kohl’s #MakeYourMove campaign on social media, Facebook & Twitter to see how others are tracking their goals and making healthier choices together this year.  Join us for a healthy new year together.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl’s.

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5 responses to “Fit Travel: What’s In My Suitcase #MakeYourMove”

  1. Whitney says:

    I’m intrigued by the collapsible tuppers. I will have to check them out for an upcoming vacay!

  2. Sue says:

    I have found that the compressible tupper-ware is quite handy when traveling/camping.

  3. Flonnie Louise says:

    I love you Fila jacket. Love the colors too.

  4. Parthenia Jones says:

    It’s amazing how you have the discipline to hit the hotel gym during your vacations. My boss always visit the hotel gym even after a long day on a business trip. He says it makes him energized the following day. I think I gotta push myself harder to get up earlier since I’m a morning person.


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