Prepare To Entertain: A Multi-Functional One Bedroom Space

December 3, 2015

Sauder Room Redo I live in a tiny, one bedroom apartment in Chicago that doubles as a photo studio and workspace for myself.  For some time, I had things literally “all out on the table” for everyone to see- all the work clutter of paperwork, photo lenses, printers and supplies.  In addition to my working at home, I also work out at home- using my favorite yoga and fitness DVDs with my freeweights, resistance bands and yoga mats cluttering up the space for a mish-mash of purpose.

In an attempt to make my small space more amenable to having company over, I needed to find multi-functional pieces that could take my stuff- all which served a purpose, towards a sensible solution.   I needed the ability to put things away when company would visit, (who needs to see my camera equipment during cocktails?) but still be easily accessible for work the next day.  I needed some pretty camouflage.


First Problem Area:  Entertaining In A Galley Kitchen

Are you familiar with the galley style kitchen?  Essentially it’s long and skinny, and wide enough just for one person to cook and another to squeeze by.  Previously, it’s also where all my cocktail ingredients were housed, making for an intensely congested prep area.

Bar carts are trending hard right now, and I was super excited to declutter my galley kitchen with this gorgeous Gold Luxe Bar Cart from Sauder.

Sauder Gold Luxe Bar Cart Sauder Bar Cart - Gold Lux

By implementing a bar cart and bringing the prep area out of the skinny kitchen and into the main area, people can socialize without knocking into each other.  But honestly, aren’t bar carts just dreamy?  It makes me want to craft some new cocktails and buy some swizzle sticks!

Second Problem Area:  Where to store my DVDS & Workout Gear?

Sauder TV console

Previously, I had weights hanging out on the floor by the TV and fitness DVDS piled on the DVD player.  Sometimes, after a workout, I’d even leave them on the floor, where I’d trip over them later.  Fun right?  Try to work out with a stubbed toe, not fun!

The solution was the Sauder Console which made quick work of storing and hiding my fitness equipment.  While in regular use, I can store them front and center, but when I have company over, the items can tuck behind the front of the console, hidden from view.

Sauder Console and Workout Station

Third Problem Area:  Making A Comfortable + Functional Work Space

Previously, I didn’t have a coffee table, so guests had to find a place to store their beverages.  When I’m working, it doubles as a place to set up my tripod or sort paperwork, but my Gold Luxe Coffee Table does double duty and it’s pretty!

Sauder Room Redo Lux Coffee Table

Finally, I have a place to hide my printer/scanner and extra papers and stationary with a new Work Desk from Sauder.  The drawer above it is quite large and serves as an excellent catch all when I need to clear the work clutter from the desk’s surface and double it as a buffet table for snacks when guests are over.

Sauder Worktable

What I love about this desk in particular is that it’s tall enough to be a standing desk- so, no chair to deal with later!  In attempt to improve my posture and get healthier, I’m making it a point to stand during work a few hours each day.  They say that sitting is the new smoking, so I opted to get a standing desk to try out a new way of working!

Sauder Working Desk Sauder Worktable Closeup

See? Even messy creatives can be clutter free in time for cocktails!  I can go from social media manager by day, to charming (well, haven’t worked that part out) hostess by night, easy peezy!

Living in a 1 bedroom apartment can be challenging at times, but with the right furniture, you can avoid a lot of the headache that goes along with having a small space that needs to be multi-use for the best usage of your space.

My New Sauder Working Desk

Storage problems solved!  If you live in a small apartment like I do, keep this in mind when buying furniture.  My tip is always to examine what you’ll be using the space for.  If your bedroom doubles as an office where you do a lot of writing or research for school or work, could your dresser be tall enough to be a standing desk, or double as an entertainment center for a TV (instead of mounting it)?

If your living room doubles as a place for kids to play, can you use storage ottomans (I have this one) to double as toy storage, or a place to store guest linens while still being comfy for extra seating when guests visit and want to watch tv or grab a glass of wine? I’ve been using Sauder for 2-3 years since most of their furniture is affordable and usually doubles as a multi-purpose piece that can be repurposed for several things in your home!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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5 responses to “Prepare To Entertain: A Multi-Functional One Bedroom Space”

  1. Whitney says:

    I NEED that desk!!!!!!! Also, I need you as my interior designer 🙂

  2. Desiree says:

    Thanks Shannyn, for showing us a piece of your house. A lovely apartment you have! Great taste, love your coffee table😍
    Greets, Desiree (from The Netherlands)

  3. Chonce says:

    I love what you’ve done with your space….so creative!

  4. Simone says:

    I love that bar cart & coffee table (swoon!) The whole space looks great.

  5. Italian Beds says:

    I loved the bar cart, coffee table and desk. Wise and smart use of space. Every modern bedroom should be like this.


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