Stressed And Blessed… A Personal Update

November 8, 2012


It’s already November and October was the craziest month I’ve had this year (well, aside from the crazy, moving-across-country month, but this was a different breed of crazy)   I didn’t get to do a “Sunday Smash Up” last week since I was still touring Los Angeles with the boyfriend and enjoying our last few sunny moments in SoCal together before he packed it back to real life and real job in Chicago.  Yeehaw!  Good news though,  I’m going to be unpacking my parka and flying to Chicago at the end of the month, frugal-me got a 40% off round trip ticket for $170!  Booyah!


I have some serious thank-yous to extend…some amazing bloggers who I luckily also get to call friends helped me graciously in launching Rockstar Blogging, which was my first eProduct ever and a huge project!


In no particular order, huge thanks to my friends at, NonStopAwesomeness,  Living For Monday, Pocket Changed, Nuts & Bolts Media, Loosen Your White Collar and Careful Cents who all were instrumental in getting it launched and produced.  There were a few hurried emails, confusing questions and complicated design needs, but my friends are amazing and have all run awesome products and businesses of their own- I feel so lucky to have had their brainspace for this project.

Also a big thank-you goes to Kylie Ofiu and Kelly Whalen for appearing in my video case studies which launched with the Gold Package of Rockstar Blogging.  They=brilliant.


I’m feeling a bit stressed about my plans for 2013.  I already booked my tickets to World Domination Summit and just bought my tickets to FitBloggin’ for June of 2013.  Not only do I need to start overhaul-saving for these trips in addition to the races I have booked which involve serious travel (unless I find sponsors) but it’s been riding on my mind as I look for a job.  Planning a life frugally while you look for a job (AKA booking far in advance to take advantage of cheap airfare and earlybird tickets)  is really stressful.   I’m not sure what I should plan for in terms of work but I also don’t want to miss out on tickets for events I need to plan for 6-12 months in advance.

I’ve been looking for work in Chicago (yes, crazy me is ready to move back) and am going to relocate as soon as I have a job.  I’m not one to rest on my laurels and many of the events I want to attend require a pretty advanced commitment.  I have a half marathon planned in January, another in February plus the conferences later in the summer.  I’m hoping that it all works out, it usually does, but I’m grappling with my desire to be in Chicago and working for a company I love and being able to maintain the passions I had prior to employment.  Oh, first world problems!

Additionally, I’m totally thankful for Kaia F.I.T. and my half marathon training.  Today at the gym, I totally killed it during our hour long workout.  My muscles are sore, I’m not thinner but I’m stronger… who knew it would feel this good to feel sort of bad with tired muscles and the needs to sleep at 7pm? I am loving the new challenges and am really looking forward to the Iron Girl 10k this weekend, which will be my second of 3 10ks this year!  I cannot believe how much I’ve changed since June.  Seriously.

I’m really excited, slightly overwhelmed but totally, wholeheartedly blessed that October has lead into a fabulous but busy November.  I look back on the launch of Rockstar Blogging, my first 10k & mini marathon, the trip to LA and the great leads I’ve had on the job front and it’s quickly turning from a busy, crazy fall  into a happy holiday season!  2013 will be here before you know it and I know all the stressins’ have come with blessins’ so thank you all for supporting me in the journey!



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6 responses to “Stressed And Blessed… A Personal Update”

  1. Kat says:

    It’ll all work out girl! Why go back to Chicago though? Cali is pretty far away huh. I sent you an email btw! Chin up, life is grand!

    • Shannyn says:

      Hey beautiful- I’m moving back to Chi because I’m crazy in love. 🙂 I left for a bit to Cali to figure things out, save up some money and weigh career options. Now that I’ve had time to assess and some talks with the BF we’ve decided to take the crazy next step and move in together (eek!) but moving back to Cali or somewhere else years down the line isn’t off the table either, right now though, starting my career in Chicago and being with him seems like the best bet.

  2. You sound excited and optimistic about the future. So many cool things happening! Best of luck to you! I’m feeling a little down at the moment, so I’m trying to ride off your energy!

  3. Hey, beautiful! Don’t stress yet — I’ll be at WDS too! Everything will come together!

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