September 1, 2011

I ruh-hu-really hope I said Plutus right…haha..and you’ll have to forgive me for my “tactics.” 😉

Please cast your votes for for Best Frugality Blog and other snazzy finalists at the Plutus Awards Site


thank you! thank you! thank you!

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16 responses to “PLUTUS AWARD FINALIST! SQUEE {voter video}”

  1. Jenny McDonald says:

    Done! And your hair is getting so long! Love it!

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Thanks Jenny…I know this sounds totally sad, but I'm growing it out for the wedding I haven't even planned yet…for the groom I haven't even met yet, but my hair grows sooo slooooww that I figure in 2-3 years it'll be just right for the wedding (okay, make that like, 8 years) and after the Honeymoon, it'll be time for Locks of Love!

  2. Alexis says:

    I voted! Good luck!…. And you are so hilarious lol.

  3. can you campaign for me as well? Nominated for Best new personal finance blog of the year category…

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Huge congrats to you! That is great and yes, I can do your video, I think you'd be WAY cooler in it though. Best of luck, so excited for you!

  4. You got my vote lady. Good Luck!

  5. pattie says:

    Voted!!! Good luck and you a winner in our book!!

  6. apockylypse says:

    Done! Good luck Shannyn!

  7. whitney says:

    Haha! I love your "tactics" Shannyn! I definitely voted 🙂

  8. LOL You are so cute! I voted for you. Good luck! See you in Chicago!

  9. affordanything says:

    Hahahahaha!!!! That is SO awesome, it's inspired me to make my own video! You sealed the deal — you totally have my vote. Can you please please please please vote for me too? I'm a finalist for Best New PF Blog, and I'm super excited!!

  10. Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

    Thanks so much for the love everyone…and to my PF Plutus award friends, you know you have my vote! 😉 Thanks for the votes, the support and being in my life!

  11. Congrats on being nominated for a Plutus award. 🙂 Good luck Shannyn.

  12. […] copied inspired by Shannyn at Frugal Beautiful, a finalist in the category of Best Frugality Blog. Her video pleading for a Plutus Award vote inspired me to create my own. (By the way, true to the name of her […]

  13. Paula says:

    Hi Shannyn — You video inspired me to make my own video!! This is actually my very first video, all thanks to you …


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