How To Actually Keep Your Resolutions This Year

January 13, 2016

How To Actually KEEP Your New Years Resolutions All Year Long

Resolutions shmezolutions.  Goals, goals, goals.  It’s all we seem to fuss about this time of year and if you’re feeling uneasy about your New Years Resolutions, or even if you’re feeling a bit bummed that your goals seem like a repeat of last year’s failures, here’s some advice to be sure you keep on your goals and don’t give up this year.

Take it from me, the girl who loves to set resolutions, and sometimes keep them- that if you’re setting healthy resolutions this year, you may fall off the   wagon a few times, but do NOT give up.  Along the way you’ll have little setbacks, or lackluster weeks- ride the tide and know that you’ll get there if you simply do not give up.  We are all a work in progress, and you know I am from my fitness blog posts throughout the years!

Here are my tips to make sure you get on, and STAY on that fitness wagon this year!

–  Do a Gut Check

Before you can even know if you can finish a goal, are you sure you should even start it?  There’s nothing that will take the wind from your sails for a successful new year, if you’re focusing on the wrong things and it’s draining you.  Even our most exciting goals will be a bit of a struggle to keep- so be sure the struggle is worth it.  If you’re already feeling like it’s a chore, maybe it’s time to reframe or rethink that specific resolution.

– Begin With The End In Mind

How will you feel if you accomplish this goal, how will it change your life?  How will it feel if you don’t accomplish this goal?  What will bum you out more, your life without this goal being accomplishment or simply the sadness that comes along with realizing you gave up?  Visualizing your end results is a powerful tool in being sure you actually keep at it when the weeks and months drag on and you are still in the process of achieving them.

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Picturing yourself at the finish line can help you stay motivated.

– Know You Can Adjust, But Don’t Lose Steam

The truth is, finding out you’ve signed up for a marathon and you hate distance running, or you get injured can really throw your whole groove of and the disappointment can throw a wrench in your overall attitude.  Sometimes, we make a goal that’s too big or too small- or frankly, not a good fit and there is no fault in adjusting as you go along.

In the past, I have had to adjust goals because they weren’t a good fit, but I didn’t know that going into it.  Just last year, I made a resolution to run three times a week, and found that I would much rather do at-home DVDs and cardio classes at a gym instead.  I kept the “3 times a week” routine but saved my runs for the weekend to avoid burnout on any given activity.  Additionally, I’ve also had to scale up my goals because I started too conservatively out of fear- if you’ve found your goal is too easy, that’s awesome!  Keep going and challenge yourself.

Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

Set rewards & motivations for yourself.  Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places!

– Set Reminders & Checkpoints

As you set your goals, put reminders in your phone to ensure you’ve blocked off time to actually dedicate to achieving them.  You know your goals should be specific- choosing to lose 10 lbs instead of just resolving to “lose weight,” and you know to set a timeframe to your goal “by x date,” but have you really put pen to paper and put daily or weekly tasks on the calendar?  If you resolve to workout three times a week like I do, pick your three days and not only write it on the calendar, but set phone reminders to go off at the desired time.  Make your goal so annoyingly sticky you won’t forget.

Beyond the daily reminders, you’ll also want to do a quarterly check-in, so go ahead and pick a day right now, and mark it down that you’ll update your vision board, spread sheet or go over your goals and progress made in one sit-down.  It’s important to ensure that in April, if you’ve fallen off the wagon, that you get back on it!


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2 responses to “How To Actually Keep Your Resolutions This Year”

  1. Rebekah says:

    I am ALL about goals… I love reading about them, talking about them, and most of all making my own goals and planning how to reach them. Follow-through is definitely the tough part. It’s easy to get on fire and then not have the discipline to do everything required to meet the goals. Thank you for sharing this post!

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment Rebekah! I feel you- it can be tough to keep chugging along throughout the year, so it’s good to pace yourself! 🙂


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