Cheers To 2016! A Night Of Pictures of NYE Aboard The Odyssey

January 12, 2016

Odyssey NYE Fireworks Dinner Cruise 2015 New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite celebrations of the year. It’s a chance to celebrate a brand new start, a fresh new year- or simply, raise a glass that the last year is finally over! For my partner and I this year, it was a bit of both- we’re excited to start a new chapter of our lives and could think of no better way than to celebrate aboard the Odyssey.

Cruising on this ship is one of my favorite things to do in Chicago- especially on a chaotic night like NYE.  There are no lines, no watered down drinks and no overcrowding on the dancefloor.  I hear there was also a photobooth onboard, but we never made it, we were too busy dancing.

The food is fabulous- but really, when the night caps off with the best seats in all of Chicago to watch (two!) firework displays, it will be surely a night to remember.  Here are some pictures from our night aboard the Odyssey Chicago for the NYE Fireworks cruise, it was a blast!

Odyssey Navy Pier Chicago

Odyssey Chicago NYE

Setting The Scene:

Odyssey Chicago NYE Cruise
Odyssey Cruise NYE Chicago

Everyone got a gender tailored accessory, blower & a box of “midnight kisses,” chocolate kisses to enjoy.  It was an adorable tablescape- adorned with wine glasses, champagne glasses and yummy things to nosh on along the way.

The Food:

Odyssey Dinner Cruise Starters
Odyssey Dinner Cruise
Odyssey Surf N Turf Fireworks Dinner Cruise
Odyssey NYE Cruise

After a few yummy rounds, we got to nosh on some surf n’ turf, and it was mouthwateringly good.  My only regret is that I couldn’t finish my portion, it was a big plate and the food was super rich.  We finished with my favorite dessert, chocolate covered strawberries- then cruised towards the dance floor.

The Party:

Odyssey Fireworks Dinner Cruise NYE

NYE 2015

We danced, and danced, and danced.  There was a couple celebrating 40 years of marriage and two couples that got engaged, but we just loved being around such happy dancers and of course, hammin’ it up for some selfies.  Also, notice that my beau has a tie with anchors on it…you know, when you’re on a ship, you gotta cooordinatteeee.  😉 If I could live on a boat, I totally would- though for now, we will just party on one!

All in all, it was a fabulous night. We got to nosh, and with full and happy tummies, we hit the dance floor and capped the night off with more champagne and one of the best fireworks displays I’ve seen in years…and got to enjoy Chi-Town Rising without having to actually, you know, stand around in the freezing cold!  It was romantic, fun and of course, presented as another high caliber event which you’d always expect from the Odyssey in Chicago!

Odyssey NYE


Cheers to a fabulous 2016, and thanks to the Odyssey for helping us ring in the new year in style!  NYE Chicago 2015


Thank you to the Odyssey for having us aboard to feature their NYE Fireworks Cruise!

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  1. Whitney says:

    This looks like so much fun!! Definitely has me thinking about doing a harbor cruise for my birthday coming up!


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