How To Pack A First Aid Kit For An Accident Prone Single Lady + $50 CVS Giveaway

September 18, 2015

How To Stock Your FIrst Aid Kit If You Live Alone

I live by myself and I regularly do things that hurt.  I burn myself on hot pans.  I slip down icy sidewalks in the winter.  I have twisted ankles on runs and cut myself in the kitchen on the regular. Honestly, I’m just lucky I’m not dead!  Want to know what’s worse than cutting yourself on a piece of broken glass?  Cutting yourself when you live by yourself, and nobody’s there to help you wrap up and you don’t have band-aids because you weren’t prepared.  Calling a friend at a random time to ask them to swing by with bandages and peroxide really, really sucks.  Ouch, twice.

Since I doubt I’ll ever get any less accident prone, I’m a klutz at heart- but to make up for my occasional flirt with Darwinism, I have learned to stock my first aid kit at home to ensure that I can minimize the damage.

If you’re anything like me, you should stock up *before* you cut yourself or have to make an emergency phone call for a friend to swing by with some gauze and peroxide…Adulting can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be painful!


First- Stock Up On The Basics: Single Ladies- How To Stock Your First Aid Kit

– Bandages, in all sizes.  Bandaid has a giant multi-pack that also comes with Mickey bandaids, if you’re like me, get the biggest set possible.

– Gauze pads.

– Gauze on a roll. (necessary for any scrapes or cuts on bendy parts of your body a bandage won’t stay on.)

– Adhesive tape. (this is good for finger cuts or odd shaped cuts that bandages can’t cover.)

– Antiseptic Wash (hurt-free for boo boos that really sting.

– Peroxide (good for cuts and scrapes, but doubles as a tooth whitener with baking soda!)

– Stretchy Tape (like what they use to wrap you up after a blood draw).

– Cortizone (for rashes, bug bites and itchy stuff).

– Antibiotic ointment.

Necessary Supplementals:

Epsom salt- an essential first aid component for any single gal

Epsom Salt. Epsom Salt is a lifesaver.  If you have a tendency to sprain things during exercise or you’re like me and usually slip at least once on the winter ice, having epsom salt on hand for a nice soak will help for normal sprains.  If you workout and have some regular soreness, an epsom soak is cheap and helpful to heal tired muscles.

How To Stock Your First Aid Kit- You need an ice pack! Trust me on this one!

Ice Pack.  Get an ice pack before you need it.  My friend had this particular one in his freezer, and when I burned my elbow making cookies (how do I do these things?) the clay pack saved me so I could finish cooking during Labor Day.  Ice packs have a tendency to make a wet mess, but a clay pack stays cooler, longer, without getting everything wet as it warms up.  Plus, the clay radiates the cool instead of getting one spot too cold. I used it once at his house and had to go get my own.


Beauty Products That Double As First-Aid Supplies:

– Tweezers (to get out splinters or glass shards.)

– Cotton balls.

– QTips.


It’s been such an honor to be a CVS blogger ambassador for the #FindYourHealthy campaign!  To celebrate how you #FindYourHealthy, we’re doing a $50 CVS gift card Giveaway!

Enter to win a $50 CVS gift card by commenting below how you’re going to “Find Your Healthy” this fall…is it a new workout routine?  Healthier eating?  Training for a 5k?  We’d love your routine & favorite healthy tips below!


Winners will be chosen Sept. 29th and contacted via email, so please be sure to use it when you comment!

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Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the #FindYourHealthy campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


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33 responses to “How To Pack A First Aid Kit For An Accident Prone Single Lady + $50 CVS Giveaway”

  1. This is such a smart post. Mr. P always rolls his eyes at me when I restock the “medicine cabinet” (read: drawer under the bathroom sink) without there being a need. The only thing worse than being hurt or sick is having to run out and buy something full price. It pays to be prepared. I also pack a miniature version of this kit when we go on vacations. This fall, I’m trying to keep up with healthy eating by incorporating more whole, non-processed foods. And I’m solidifying my workout routine now that the school year is in full craziness…err, I mean, swing! 🙂

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    I will find my health this fall by continuing to eat well, walking on my treadmill more.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  3. Leighanne Truelove says:

    I am a new mom, about a year now. I have also been taking a course for work so I can become certified and get a raise. So, between these 2 priorities my health has taken the back burner. I know there are those super moms that do it all and are still super fit, and I admire them, but I am not there yet. My certification exam is next week (9/26) and I will have some free time. Before baby, I trained for half marathons and could leg press 300 pounds… now I’m lucky to make it up the stairs without stopping.
    That is going to change next week. Now that I wont be up til 2 am studying, I will have time and energy to work out again. time to get my body back to healthy. I do not care so much about the weight loss, but more about the overall quality of my life.

  4. I’m #findingmyhealthythisFall by starting my training for the Warrior Dash race I signed up for with a couple friends. I am SO pumped! I’ve always wanted to try one!

  5. This is a great list, even for not single ladies! I usually have my husband around, but it’s no help if we have none of those items ha When we first moved in together I cut myself cooking and I ended up wrapping Kleenex around my finger and then duct taping it in place haha

  6. Patti says:

    Training for a 5K with my dad!

  7. This is an awesome resource, even for those with kids like me! I have a 1-year-old who just started walking so we now spend a ton of more time outside, and I realized the other day that I really need to make sure we have all the First Aid essentials on hand for the boo boos and accidents that I know are coming our way. Always good for anyone to have these on hand!

  8. You know what’s really good for burns? Honey! Last winter, I got hit in the nose with a flaming marshmallow and it burned a few layers of skin off my face and honey saved the day! It took the pain away (almost instantly) and helped heal the injury really well (no scarring). Can’t even tell it happened.

  9. shaunie says:

    I am finding healthy this fall by eating more vegetables (and trying new ones) and working out an extra ten minutes a day

  10. Megan says:

    I’m going to really try and get back on track with some BETTER eating habits. Making ice cream a treat and not a regular indulgence (my downfall!). I have tons of half marathons and I’d really like to get into a good race-shape before a spring marathon!

  11. Janis says:

    As a mom of two kids my purse always has a little first aid kit. However as someone who has gotten back on track by walking and going to the gym as much as my busy mom life lets me. I walk my son to school and back which equates to almost 4 miles and just little changes
    Ike instead of Starbucks coffee I have changed to teas

  12. Rosie says:

    I’m going to try to walk more on a daily basis. I’ve been doing it for a while, and it is great. I do try to eat healthy.

  13. Sara says:

    Will definitely be trying to fit in more time for workout sessions 🙂

  14. Veronica says:

    Love this post – klutziness is a true problem!! haha. I’m #findingmyhealthythisFall by working hard to cook more food at home instead of eating out

  15. Destiny says:

    I am finding my healthy by training for my 2nd 5K and planning on improving my time!

  16. Jamie says:

    As an accident prone single gal, this is such a helpful post…thank you! I’ll start training for an Ironman in January, so this fall will be focused on physical and mental fitness before my training begins.

  17. Anna says:

    What a good post! My mom always has her medicine cabinet packed, and I’m slowly adjusting to get my own set up. This fall I’ve started watching how I eat- more veggies and fruits, staying super hydrated, the whole 9 yards!

  18. Kelli says:

    I’m finding my health this fall by decreasing my junk food intake (so hard!) and increasing my fruits and vegetables along with more regular, consistent exercise. I always feel so much better when I do these things but motivating myself and actually doing it are tough!

  19. Kelly D says:

    I will find my healthy by going on nature walks every day.

  20. Angela Saver says:

    I will be finding my healthy this fall by continuing to eat healthy, whole, nonprocessed foods, as well as walk my hilly neighborhood 3-5 days a week! We usually cook a few extra meals over the weekend, & freeze them, so we have food during the busy week & don’t end up eating out!

  21. Lisa G says:

    I just had my 4th baby so gotta get healthy. I’ve been walking 5x a week. It is a short walk to pick up the boys from school but man in the Texas heat it’s rough. So yay for getting off my butt!

  22. Tracie Cooper says:

    I am going to find my healthy by joining a yoga class and eating more fresh fruit and veggies!

  23. Dyan says:

    I am trying, sincerely, to kick my sugar habit. I am a healthy eater and adore most healthy foods, but my willpower goes out the window when a cupcake or gummi bears enter the picture. The effect sugar has on my skin, my energy levels, and my mood is so negative, and if I could minimize how much sugar I consume, I think I’d be much better off.

  24. Ashley says:

    I’m going to find my health this fall by eating better and using the treadmill!

  25. Janice R. says:

    I am planning on sticking with my exercise routine of walking in the park at least 4 days a week and I am going to continue to try and make healthier eating choices.

  26. Kate S. says:

    I’m training for my 2nd half marathon!

  27. Lisa Foster says:

    I’m working on my healthy this Fall by walking several times a week and working out at the gym – and I’m looking forward to the weather cooling off to make this a little easier.

  28. A few months ago, I started eating a whole-food plant-based diet and exercising daily. I’ve never been a fan of running, so I stick with walking on the treadmill and going to group fitness classes (Zumba, spin, yoga).

    I also am a total klutz so I can relate to your post!

  29. Tori says:

    Hi! This is my first comment on a post, as I am a relatively new follower.

    I have had a few issues related to my health pop up on the last few months. Although not life-threatening by far, life just wasn’t fun for a while! I am now concentrating not only on the physical but also mental health and starting to feel good about life again. I have started meditating – still a beginner here but my stress levels have gone way down and this is something I can carry with me when I am at work or in a stressful situation outside of my home. Just 5 minutes to ground
    yourself works wonders! And as for the physical part, I have always concentrated on the number on a scale, rather than the way I feel and the fact that I AM healthy. That dang scale will always creep into my thoughts now and again, but now I am eating and exercising just to FEEL good and nothing else.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  30. Elena says:

    I am going to use treadmill every day

  31. Rosie says:

    I’ve been going out walking every day, rain, shine, snow, just not hurricanes! I’m looking to get some warmer clothes like a down vest and good boots so I won’t be as tempted to stay in when it gets cold – last year was hard to make it every day!

  32. Kay Lynn says:

    I’m going to continue focusing on health and wellness.

  33. Lauren says:

    I am trying to drink more water and exercise more.


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