Petbox Review (Featuring Max The Pug)

February 17, 2014

Max The Puge Reviews His Petbox from


Max, our 5 year old adopted rescue pug, is a bottomless pit when it comes to treat consumption and his boundless energy.  Additionally, he is quite keen on bouts of fetch that turn into tug wars, where many of his plushie friends meet their doom.  Needless to say, we go through a lot of toys and a lot of treats in this house due to Max.

I recently got the opportunity to review PetBox and of course, Max and Ralph jumped at the chance to help me review…well, they sat and stayed (ha!) until the treats arrived.  What’s great about PetBox is that you get to choose what you want in the box.


Petbox Review from  -

We knew we were low on poop bags, and we wanted to try some new toys that would suffice Ralphs need for soft toys to snuggle with (he doesn’t do much fetching these days but actually does like to cuddle up with toys), and a tougher toy that Max could tug for more than five seconds, so we picked some things that were especially needed for our little puggies. Review Pet Subscription Service

We got eco friendly poop bags, a bully stick, rope toy, dental health chewy treats and Buddy Biscuits, plus that adorable pink plushie that Max wouldn’t return as a courtesy for this photo.


I know this will sound weird, but the item I was the most were the poop bags.  I kid you not.  I like to buy eco friendly poop bags, but the brand Target sells that are made from corn (or whatever they’re made of) usually stupidly shred when you try to tear them off the roll- rendering them completely useless.  The poop bags in our Petbox was much better, when I tore them off the roll they didn’t get a big tear up the middle and were much easier to open.

If you’ve ever had to pick up pug poo in -2 degree weather, you want an eco friendly bag that’s not going to rip up the middle when you attempt to clumsily tear it off the roll.  Don’t ask me how I know this so well.

While the products were superb and I loved the beautiful packaging, what I love about Petbox is that for every Petbox shipped, they feed a rescue animal.  So, when you treat your adorable furbaby at home, an animal in need somewhere else is getting a meal.  I adore that.

Both Max and Ralph were rescues- I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a service that helps me feed my babies but also other pugs out there, plus other puppies and kitties too.

So, what’d we think of Petbox?


PetBox Review With Max The Pug


I loved our Petbox.  Max simply wants to know, “When is the next PetBox coming?”


Petbox is $39 a month- $29 a month with a 12 month subscription.  

You can customize your Petbox for a dog or a cat, based on their size and needs- you hand pick everything that’s in the box (something I love since both of our adopted pugs have very different dietary needs and activity levels.)

You can sign up for a PetBox on their website and use discount code “FRUGALBEAUTIFUL” for 20% off your order- your pet will thank you!



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5 responses to “ Petbox Review (Featuring Max The Pug)”

  1. I love those Buddy Biscuits, and my old poodle mix loves them too – I’m trying to decide if my girl Coco is worth the $39 a month!

  2. Allie says:

    I love subscription boxes but I have never heard of petbox. My little Bernie would love this so much! I’m going to have to look into it! Thanks for the review!

  3. Sarah B says:

    I sent to my mom 🙂 I hope she’ll get it for her doggies. thanks darling!

  4. Bunny Box says:

    We love petbox have ordered several times!! Lots of great items in each box and super value for money

  5. Bunny Box says:

    love this box, really nice products and love the design of the box


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