Conscious Box Review

February 10, 2013

Conscious Box

Conscious Box – Monthly Eco Friendly/Health Subscription Box (Vegan Options Available!)

Cost: $19.95 per box, free shipping

What You Get With ConsciousBox:  A box full of eco friendly, vegan, ethically sourced & natural products.


Conscious Box Review

Is Conscious Box worth it?

Totally worth it!  Conscious Box always overdelivers for the $19.95 you pay.  As you can see from this vegan box, they couldn’t have packed more stuff in if they’d tried!  Everything in the box was delicious and I loved that they included a gorgeous, glass reusable straw (hand crafted) and a Sustain towel that I can use on my workouts.  The value of this box exceeds the price plus, you get free shipping!


Conscious Box Review

All of the products were high quality and totally delicious…but hands down, I was impressed with the Hail Merry Vegan Chocolate Macaroons.  OMG.  No, seriously.  OMG.  I had to exercise serious restraint to not eat the entire bag in one sitting- I couldn’t believe they were vegan, much less- how mouthwatering they were.  I think Conscious Box would be a great way to dabble with vegan and eco friendly products without having to “fly blind” at Whole Foods- a great and frugal way to try before you buy!

I have been introduced to so many good products that are healthy and ethically sourced that I never would have discovered without Conscious Box.  It’s a great product and I’ve been happy with each box!


If you’d like to subscribe, check out the Conscious Box website.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I’ve actually told a few of my health nut friends about this. They seem to love it!


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