Posh Pet Box Review

August 28, 2014

Posh Pet Box Review

Posh Pet Box is a monthly beauty subscription box for dogs. We offer desinger dog clothes, toys, treats, and accessories for the most discenrning pet parent. Members fill out a pet profile, identify “How Posh Is Your Pet?”, and select the custom or curated plan. Members have the ability to create a custom box that directly benefits the needs of their pet.


Posh Pet Box Review -Frugalbeautiful.com

The Posh Pet Box is available is a beauty box for dogs and is available at three levels-  $29, $39, and $49 a month and is customizable by your pooch’s gender.  Since I have two pugs, Max and Matilda, I got to try out some products for both of them, but you can customize on gender and size to get products that are good for your doggies.


PoshPet Box Review

The Posh Pet Box monthly pet box had some delicious dog treats including Buddy Biscuits in bacon & cheese flavor, plus two duck bully sticks, and some soft baked treats with two woven dog collars and a rhinestone dangle.


The PoshPet Box Review

PoshPetBox Review

Of course, I had to take the treats for a test drive with the pugs to see what they’d think… let me just say it was hard to get photos.  They were very, very excited…but I tried.


Maxalicious Loves PoshPet Box

Max Loves Treats


Being a pug momma, I have a soft spot for anything that provides my pugglies with something special.  I have monthly beauty boxes, and my pugs have a monthly dog box.  We’re training both pugs- Max needs to learn how to yield..Matilda needs to learn just about everything, so we go through a good deal of treats each month.  Apparently, Matilda was never trained to go potty outside (she spent most of her time in a yard at her previous residence) and doesn’t know how to go potty on a leash, so whenever she goes on the grass on our walks, we have to have treats handy!


You can sign up for Posh Pet Box or check them out on Instagram or Facebook!


The 20 readers to subscribe can receive $10 off their first subscription using code FRUGALPOSH250, +surprise selection with you box!




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  1. Brenda says:

    Max does look like a Muppet! SO cute! 🙂


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