Happy Valentine’s Day! Photos Around The House

February 14, 2014

Domo and Proflowers Flower Delivery


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Honestly, when I think of how much my life has changed since VDay 2011, I’m pretty humbled and grateful.  This time, three years ago I remember talking myself into getting a Valentine’s Day mani-pedi & facial since I was newly single and new to Chicago winter.

At the time, I was making almost no money as a grad student and blogger (I think maybe I made 5 cents on Adsense a month?) and going to the salon felt like such a splurge (still is!) but I felt like it was a way to reclaim the day and treat myself. If I had to wait on a guy to show up and treat me to something special like this, I knew I’d be waiting a long time.  It’s February 2015 and yep, I found him, but I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath.


Birchbox February 2014 Valentines Day

Just got my February Valentine’s Day Birchbox.  If you can’t afford to go to the salon this Valentine’s Day, you can always treat yourself to this fantastic service at $10 a month.  I just renewed my subscription for a third year now, I love this service! (Feel free to sign up with my affiliate link– thanks in advance!)


Pug Ceramic Figure from Target


Guess what I found at Target?  Yes, if you love pugs like I do, you can grab this adorable ceramic pug planter from Target in the Valentine’s Day aisle.  Not every Target has them (like City Targets) but if you’re out in the burbs you might be able to find him plus some other cute pug sippy cups and a ceramic mug is available online!

Bath And Body Works New Fresh Picked Collection

Also, is anyone as Bath And Body Works Obsessed as I’ve been lately?  If you’ve seen my latest BBW semi-annual sale haul on Instagram, you’ll know I have quite a stash of BBW candles and soaps.  I’m a BBW Insider and got to try some of their new Fresh Picked line- including  Mint Leaf, Garden Strawberries and Sweet Tangerines.  The Tangerine is exfoliating and a deep cleansing formula while the other two are foaming washes.

I think if anyone is having a case of the winter blues, you’re probably trying to bust out of the rut with something fruity, colorful and fun.  Mission accomplished!  I love when I get new products to review (thanks for sending these my way BBW!)…. if it weren’t for something new to sniff I might have lost my mind in these sub zero temperatures!


 And Now Onto Awkward Outfit Photos Of Yours Truly…

OOTD Frugal Beautiful Teal and Pink Thrifted Outfit


Have you noticed I don’t post a lot of outfit photos?  (Working on changing that if anyone actually wants to see my odd sense of style regularly!)  Well, I had to share this one-  I bought these Betsey Johnson fluorescent heart tights well over a year ago on HauteLook  (which is a great site to get flash sales on awesome name brands like Betsey Johnson, Jessica Simpson, Hunter Boots & Sperrys) and never had the guts to wear them.

Sure, I could have toned the bright pink tights down without the pink shoes, but honestly- go big or go home.  I posted this look on Instagram and apparently people are on the same wavelength….when it’s winter sometimes you need bright colors to make it feel like spring.  Note: It has been in the negatives at night here in Chicago. I’m desperate.


The Office is Finally Seeing The Finishing Touches….

Also…I’m very, very happy to share that I’ve finally hung photos on my Tiffany Blue walls in my office.  There is something to say about the feeling you get when things aren’t nailed down (or in this case, to a wall)- a space feels completely unfinished, even if it’s a gorgeous shade of Tiffany Blue.


Tiffany Blue Walls In My Tiffany Blue Office

When I look around, I can feel the love.  It comes in a lot of colors, shapes, sizes and it might smell like citrus hand soap sometimes- but this Valentine’s Day, I’m very happy with the love in my life.

The me of today thanks the me of three years ago for going against conventional wisdom and opting for the spa day.  You should too (once in awhile) so I hope you treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!


Lots of Love & Happy Valentine’s Day!





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7 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day! Photos Around The House”

  1. Love the colors in your outfit- much needed with all the white (or dirty white) Chicago snow!

  2. Amy says:

    OH man! I might be weird and the only one who does this, but I seriously saw your birchbox and scrolled down as fast as I could. I haven’t opened mine yet (yay to living in an apartment and still getting packages sent to my parents so when I move into a real house I don’t have to keep changing my address)!! Hope it’s a good one all the same! I will come back to check yours out once I’ve opened mine =)

    • Amy says:

      Oh man! I got my Birchbox. I’m not sure how I feel about it. They are so hit and miss with me and may be one of those things I cancel. I’m almost through my second year of subscribing. I got a couple different things than you, but I did get the Ruby Wing nail polish. Haven’t tried it yet, but I LOOOVED the one I got last year! Hopefully I can get over how bright this one is. Last month I got the velvet nail polish. . . not into it. Fingers crossed!

      ps. did your oil stuff leak in your box? mine did. such a shame.

  3. Mary says:

    “At the time, I was making almost no money as a grad student and blogger (I think maybe I made 5 cents on Adsense a month?) and going to the salon felt like such a splurge (still is!) but I felt like it was a way to reclaim the day and treat myself.”————–> This is why I love your blog! I recently subscribed and am just finishing up grad school making $15 an hour teaching pre-k and just about to start up a business on my own. I love beautiful things but am on a tight budget – thank you for posts like these!! I love getting my nails done too and sometimes I just need someone to tell me it’s ok:)

  4. I love Bath & Body Works and I shopped twice during the after Christmas semi annual sale. I should have hand soap for a few months and candles at least until Spring. Love them and I love the new blog design. It’s fun, it’s clean and it’s totally you. LOVE IT. Happy Blogging Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and the hubby-to-be.

  5. Jeauxdi says:

    LOVE the pug planter you scored! I must search my local Target’s for the cutey!

  6. Jen says:

    I love that outfit! Great color combo, and the black dress is a nice backdrop for the bright tights, belt, and sweater. Your hair looks great, too.


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