H&M Spring Line- What is UP with you?

March 15, 2011

What is with the H&M spring line up?  Am I missing something or is the overly nautical theme with the gag-reflex inducing coastal palette of blue and coral just totally not exciting?  I realize I should have been more on-trend, but I was in H&M a few weeks ago and I could not even find a single piece to be excited over!

Sadly though, this oddly-nautical trend is not unique to H&M, another “Trend Report I’ve been following is the one Mary Kay puts out every season.  It too, is a similarly dismal display- seen here.  Maybe I just don’t like coral?  Perhaps I will enjoy this very…”this is what rich people wear” color combo that is better suited for a cliché magazine spread about yachting?

Also, is it just me, or is there something not-at-all exciting about the ceaseless promotion of the cork/rope wedge sandal?  Seen here, here, and here (which for some reason, I hate the gladiator/cork mix slightly less because, though ugly, it’s at least *trying* to be somewhat new).  I was looking for something fresh- and while I great that fashion is the same sh*t recycled over and over, perhaps my expectations of fashionesque innovation were too high?

Oh, but here’s the real kicker…if you still stand by your H&M, someone needs to explain why they thought it was a good idea to BRING OVERALLS BACK.  Sweetheart, I left those in the 90’s with my jelly shoes and my training bra- and that’s where they gon’ stay!





And apparently, WHITE is the new black.  I think that’s always a great call- but seriously, how did H&M manage to make it look oh-so-droll in this video?  White is nothing new, but it’s fresh for spring and I can get behind that…so kudos to Express, not so much for H&M.

Needless to say, I am not really excited about most of what I’m seeing on the shelves. Express shows potential (see, you can do cork sandals without the obvious “beach” look!)  and I adore that striped sweater- Bloomingdale’s shoes are of course, SPOT ON…basket weave? Adorable.  Macy’s, as always- fresh, but not too trendy… I suppose I will find *something* to get excited about?

I need suggestions of casual, everyday pieces to wear and accessories that can be paired with jeans and my beloved Tom’s (or a suggestion of some cute shoes for spring, also appreciated!)  I suppose I could just get a few new blouses, a pair of jeans THAT FIT (ya, I’m losing weight, so why the muffin top?  Et tu American Eagle?) so suggest some good non-muffiny regular/mid-risey jeans,  and some scarves, and dangly baubles…maybe this gem?   And perhaps I should get a prize for the most links to a piece of jewelry before purchase?

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2 responses to “H&M Spring Line- What is UP with you?”

  1. Kelley says:

    Okay, this is probably seriously too late, because I’m cruising through pages and pages of your blog again, but I’m really enamored of my necessity-purchase of Calvin Klein “Skinny” (Read: they still bunch when you tuck them into boots) jeans. They don’t do the muffin top or the plumber’s crack (I have quite the booty), but they still have a nicer cut and better quality fabric. They feel like big girl jeans but not utilitarian like some Levis.

    • Ruby says:

      See, I’ve had a horrible time finding skinny jeans! I bought a cheapie pair from Wet Seal to try them out and they were too big on the top and still wayyy too tight on the bottom (almost to the point of not being able to get them off)…it was odd since I have skinny legs to begin with. I will have to try the CK ones…no more Muffin top and tight legged weirdness for me, thanks!


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