Cha-Ching! What I’m Spending My Tax Return On

March 15, 2011

With “Tax Day,” being a little over a month away- I have gotten kind of excited at the possibilities of what a little extra cushion in form of my Tax Return could yield.  Oh, I totally understand that I should invest all of my tax return or put it in an emergency fund ala Suze Orman- but there are few things I’ve been wanting/needing and darnit, it’s TIME. I am putting 70% of my return into my Roth IRA and will be opening a new Savings Account (not at Chase, THANK YOU. arg.)

$48.  I need a new bra.  Like, you don’t need to know that- but seriously, my drawer needs a serious purge.  I’m not expecting any man to see any of my “collection” any time soon- but let’s just say, I wouldn’t even want a paramedic to have to see them to save my life.


The Bio-Fit Pushup by Victoria’s Secret is super comfy while still being cute.  It has little gem-stones on the strap and center, and comes in gorgeous colors.  I really wish I was getting a throw back for promoting these since I’m such an ardent fan- I tell everyone. Haha.




New Yoga Pants!


$39.50.  As a reward for being consistent in my yoga practice (I have gone at least once a week this semester if not more!) and I’d really *love* a new pair since a few of mine are too big or falling apart.

This is not as essential as the bra, and I realize it won’t help me with my Warrior Pose, but it’d be nice.






$25 of my tax return are going to purchase “THE NECKLACE” that I’ve been wanting for over a year.  I could go ahead and purchase it now- but where’s the fun in that?  I have half of the purchase price (with tax) saved up, and I plan to have it purchased by my 25th birthday in July.


I have been so worried that if I spend that much on a piece of jewelry, something is bound to happen- I’ll need dental work or I’ll break something that needs replacement, thus the “slow save.” I want to syphon off just a wee-bit each month so I won’t miss it and can be sure I can live without that bit saved.



How I'm Spending (part) of my Tax Return


$250 for a trip to NYC. (I just been informed that nay, we are going to Boston says travel friend).  I have been wanting to go to NYC in the spring or fall- I haven’t been to Central Park and there are museums and all kinds of stuff I want to see that’s off the beaten path (suggestions anyone?).  Perhaps it’s all of my favorite movies (that happen to have Meg Ryan) that take place in NYC- but doesn’t this look like the cover of When Harry Met Sally?

Okay- so I’m still excited about going to Boston, since I’ve been wanting to go there since, forever.  Any FruBeau readers have ideas for my trip and stuff I’ve gotta do? Sure, I won’t be meeting my Tom Hanks in Boston, but hey- I’m still thrilled.

I can get a flight for around $250 or less round trip (I think) in May.  I’m hoping I can stay in a hostel or somewhere cheap to make the trip do-able… I also need to enlist some friends to go with me!  Any takers?



So in total, with taxes on the two clothing items, I’d be spending about $375.  The rest (70%) is going into my Roth and to save for other things I’m sure I’ll be needing- like caring for Ralph, school expenses and registration for yoga in the fall semester.  I’m so ready for this 30-Day-No-Shopping Challenge to be over (15 days!), and I’m looking forward to some comfy new clothes.


What do you think? Am I spending too much?  Is getting a necklace totally frivolous even if it’s a slow save?  I need thoughts.  🙂

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