Healthy Eating On A Budget With ALDI

March 3, 2014

Healthy Eating On A Budget With ALDI

Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored brand ambassadorship with ALDI I’m a regular & satisfied customer, all opinions stated are 100% my own.

Getting healthy groceries seems to be an expensive venture if you don’t know where to shop.  I seriously go crazy when we run out of healthy fruits and veggies in the house- I need fresh produce on hand to not only eat healthy but also to stay sane.

At times, when I stock up on fresh produce, while it’s exciting, the receipt can be a bit depressing.  A girl on a budget can still eat healthy with plenty of organic produce and other natural options by shopping at ALDI, one of my favorite places to shop!


Check it out:

Healhty Eating - Shopping At ALDI

Healthy Choices At ALDI

We go through a LOT of kale in this house!


Fit & Active Line From ALDI

I make most of my soups from scratch, but when you’re running low on time or need something non-perishable that you can grab for a quick meal, I love these- ALDI prices are comparable to sale prices at other stores, so no matter what, you can grab a can for the best price.


Healthy Shopping At ALDI

Artichoke hearts=amazing on salads.  Also awesome, feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes!


I go through a lot of tomatoes, and love to buy fresh berries- but certain items are better to buy organic (according to the Dirty Dozen list, super helpful!) and ALDI gets more organic produce as time goes on, so it doesn’t have to bust the budget.

Either way, if you want to make it a point to eat better and incorporate more fruits, veggies and unprocessed foods to your kitchen, both organic or otherwise, I love and shop at ALDI-  you can try a wider variety of foods, buy some extras (like artichoke hearts and fresh, not canned parmesan cheese for fancy DIY salads you’ll want to it) too.




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5 responses to “Healthy Eating On A Budget With ALDI”

  1. I maintain healthy eating by buying my ingredients for my recipe and I will be the one to cook it. I avoid eating outside because aside from it is expensive also we’re not sure on how they prefer the food that we eat.

  2. Amy says:

    I always mean to go check out my local Aldi. My roommate shops there when money is tight for him, but it’s out of the way for me. Most of the time I just shop at walmart or target and coupon to the best of my ability because I’m already going to be there anyways. One of these days I really will make it to Aldi. I want to do a price comparison of the things I buy most so I can save a little more on my groceries. Times like this I wish I wasn’t such a foodie!

  3. Andrea says:

    There’s an Aldi near me, but I’ve never ventured in. I guess I’m under the old school impression that it’s filled with dented cans and virtually expired food. I’ll have to go heck it out! Thanks!

  4. Alyona says:

    Typically I don’t really post any replies. Also I am from Russia, which is quite far as you can imagine.
    I find your blog truly amazing! In many ways. The photos are good quality, but not pompous. The visual picture of the site is just awesome! It’s really calming and pretty (the colors, arrangement)
    You sound really smart and educated. The majority of what you post isn’t really helpful for me, as we don’t have the same stores, deals or sales, but I can imagine how helpful it is for people who live closer to you than I do.
    Overall great!

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