Because Trophies Make Awesome Drink Cups…And I’ve Been Needing A Drink Lately

August 26, 2015

Plutus Awards

Trophies, the ultimate adult sippy cup. 

The Plutus Awards are a yearly to-do at FinCon (Financial Blogger Convention) and it’s always a fun night.  In the blogging world, it’s rare that people connect offline and even rarer still, that someone is awesome enough to coordinate an in person awards ceremony for folks in this realm of work.

This year FinCon is happening in Charlotte, NC- and since I’m usually involved behind the scenes..or on the stage (holding microphones or the lucky gal who holds the envelopes with the winners inside), I figured this year, I’d ask a big ol’ favor and see if you’d be willing to nominate your favorite blogs for a Plutus Award?

I know I’m not the only money blog you read- so if you have a favorite, please nominate them! If you listen to a money podcast, or there’s a blogger who really helped you tackle your debt- there’s a category for those folks as well. I can say that it would mean the world to your favorite bloggers if you’d nominate them for a financial blogger award- whether they attend FinCon or not, they’ll get a real gift bag and a real trophy, plus a cool resume addition if they’s awesome.

Plutus Awards Nomination

Not all categories have to be filled out- so if you don’t read blogs about investing or retirement, you can skip ’em!  Of course, I would ask that if you’re so inclined, if you’d like to nominate me for Best Frugality Focused Blog & Best Blog For Teens/Young Adult/College, that’d be fabuloso and mucho appreciated.  Seriously…mucho mucho appreciated and I owe you all a thank you for being awesome.   Simply put in the empty spot and you’re done-zo.  Simple and awesome!


Now, I’m not at all vying for you to vote a certain way- but here are some of my FAVE personal finance blogs that I read regularly and I know you’ll just love. If you’re looking for some more good ones to read, get inspired!

The Broke And Beautiful Life

Being Melody (great posts on student loan debt!)

And Then We Saved

Budget Blonde

LBee & The Money Tree

Making Sense of Cents

The Centsible Life

Budget Savvy Bride

$5 Dollar Dinners


And on a personal note…

I’ve been reading your feedback on the reader survey- and I’m working on making this blog better based on your honest and really helpful feedback…seriously, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the survey!
I’m honing in the frugality topics you want to hear more about, and yes, I will be coming back with more personal stories and posts to share.

Being honest- in the last year, I’ve been in survival mode.  After a really difficult breakup, I sort of went in retreat mode to process everything, and then I got laid off, so I was scrambling just to make ends meet and reassess where to go with my career.   You probably noticed the blog was all over the place, but so was I.   I would say my blog was just as personal as ever-but I don’t doubt it was confusing at times to be a reader.  Though most blogs focus on a few topics you can expect regularly, I was all over the map.  It was an accurate reflection of my splintered life and a search for balance, focus and support…so thank you for being with me during those changes.

On a personal level, I’m finally feeling like myself again.  I have new goals that I cannot wait to share with you.  I realize I can’t make everyone happy- some topics will resonate with you, and others won’t.   I’m going to be writing more about how to save money now that I’m saving up for my next big goal, but I also want to share ways to help women make more money.  I’ve seen from my own experience that small savings add up, but learning to earn is key.  If we focus too much on the micro- saving 35 cents on toothpaste or skipping lattes, we miss the fact that big earnings are a key factor in frugal success as well.  It’s all about finding a strategy that’s right for you!

I am nothing without support, so thank you, sincerely- thank you for reading.  Thank you for your feedback, your shares and your many awesome comments.  The last few months have been rough for me personally, and I hope you know how much you’re valued as a reader- I hope my work going forward will reflect that and always make you feel welcomed.

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8 responses to “Because Trophies Make Awesome Drink Cups…And I’ve Been Needing A Drink Lately”

  1. Thanks for the love! See you in a few weeks, yay!

  2. Just wanted to say good luck! In both the nominations and the new goals you’ve set for yourself 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    You’re a rockstar. The uncensored honesty is one of the reasons I love reading your blog and refer others to it. Keep doing what you’re doing and know you have a whole following of readers who love and support everything you do! 🙂

  4. Missy says:

    Friends, as we all are with you, are with you through the good and bad times. Doing the survey, I was sure to say yes on more of your personal posts, because that’s how we get to know our friends. Keep up the good work, and good luck! God puts us where we are supposed to be.


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