Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth With My Real Life Inspiration

March 30, 2016

When I began blogging about frugality and finance over five years ago, there were not very many women in the space.  I could count one influential woman- Suze Orman, who was making waves in the financial space and made an impact with her message.  The finance sector, at least publicly seemed male dominated, and there wasn’t much diversity in the space.

Luckily though, over the last few years, finance as a whole, and financial influencers has diversified.  We are seeing more young people, women, and minorities entering the space- but they’re not just here, they’re making themselves heard, and they’re making a huge impact.

Tiffany The Budgetnista

One of the women who really inspires me is Tiffany of TheBudgetnista.com.  Tiffany has built a blog, published a book that crushed it on Amazon, and built a thriving community of thousands of women with her Live Richer Challenge.  Her passion for financial empowerment for herself and others, began as solely a personal quest, but soon developed into a career.

Truly, empowering and educating women to take charge with their finance, and equip them with the tools and know how to do so is a full-time job, and it’s been truly inspiring to see Tiffany build it into exactly that.  Seeing that she’s serving others in her kind way and getting paid for it cannot be understated-  women are blazing trails and getting paid to do it, while taking time to lift other women up as they go, Tiffany is no different.

Tiffany was a teacher for over 7 years, and lived off of a $39k income and saved up $40,000 (wow!) and was able to afford a down payment on a condo at 26.  Of course, if that was the end of her story- it would still be inspiring, but, unfortunately Tiffany lost her job and was a victim of credit card fraud that put her $35k in debt.

She felt stuck at age 30, and felt like a failure after what seemingly had been a time of harvest personally. A friend reminded her that she could dig her way out and begin to rebuild her life and change her situation.

Live Richer Challenge

After going through such a rough time, she began her company- The Budgetnista, to help others become financially empowered and built a speaking and educational career out of it.  She took what was a really dark, depressing time, and made it into a pathway to share with others, and build a business doing it.

She published a book which hit #1 on Amazon and she also started building an online community of women who wanted to really powerhouse their finances and focus on getting financially fit.

Budgetnista Good Morning America

Tiffany on Good Morning America, spreading the word on women’s financial literacy!

I’m constantly impressed and inspired by Tiffany’s story and how it continues to evolve.  She not only serves the community, but she’s built a name for herself doing it- especially in a sector that was previously dominated by older white men!

I cannot wait to see how her brand and her business evolves and I absolutely get inspired reading all the comments by the women she impacts that reach out on social media.


It amazes me to see women making a living for themselves by serving others..no more starving artists ladies! You CAN serve, build and grow while helping others- Tiffany proves to me time and time again that we can pay it forward while still paying our bills.  LOVE that.


As I get older, I find that watching other women succeed, and sharing their message helps us all out.  The stereotype of the catty woman who would tear others down instead of building them up seems to be diminishing.  Additionally, it’s exciting to see that brands are getting on board to celebrate the accomplishments, achievements and impact women are making in all areas of business, technology, philanthropy and science.


I was super excited to hear that Lenovo was going to be celebrating Women’s History Month by spreading the word and supporting women who are kickin’ tush and taking names.  Applause all around Lenovo- we need more companies to help amplify the contributions of women around the world, thanks for helping us celebrate the amazing women who are making history as we speak!

This month, Lenovo is celebrating Women’s History Month by celebrating women who are making it happen in the STEM fields who are funding their dreams and making big impact:




Check out more about the top 10 women kick starters under 31 at the Lenovo page!

This post was brought to you by Lenovo. The opinions and text are all mine.

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2 responses to “Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth With My Real Life Inspiration”

  1. Juliette Kopp says:

    Wonderfully inspiring! Currently looking up her book now..

  2. Amanda says:

    I love her too. She also has a podcast.


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