Cutting Sugar + Calories Is As Easy As Pie! #1UpYourCup

March 3, 2016

1-Up Your Cup W- Yoplait- Key Lime Pie w-o the calories!

So, one thing I haven’t talked about much in the last month as I shared that we were moving from Chicago to Texas was that I was totally stress eating…and social eating…so much so that my jeans were snug and stretchy pants were my best friend!

When you know you’re going to be leaving friends behind, you try and cram in as much one-on-one time with buddies at your favorite local haunts while you can, but it’s not good on your waistline!  Couple that with the fact that we were stressed, packing and trying to use up whatever random foodstuffs we had laying around the kitchen, it meant sometimes that meals weren’t healthy.  Top that off with a SuperBowl party and we had a lot of unhealthy, sugary leftovers to consume all at once!

Now that we’re in Texas and I’m attempting to get back to a healthier routine while still curbing my sugar cravings and not going absolutely mad in the process.  One of the easiest hacks I’ve come up with is to curve my sweet tooth with a lower sugar option that also keeps me from getting hangry around 3pm- and yogurt does the trick.

In order to spice things up, I’ve been mixing it up with mix-ins that really help me curb the sugar without feeling deprived.  I love the Yoplait Greek Yogurt 100 packs that are thicker, creamier and only have 100 calories and lower sugar (8-9 grams vs. 24 grams of some other brands!) and I can “1-up my cup” with some flavorful mix ins to spice things up.


Here’s my latest favorite-  Key Lime Pie:

Yoplait 1Up Your Cup Key Lime

All you need is a Yoplait Greek 100 Calories yogurt Key Lime (which I picked up at Walmart) , graham cracker crumbs (or you can use whole graham crackers) and a lime wedge for garnish.  In 30 seconds, you have a 1-upped yogurt that packs more of a punch than yogurt alone, helping fend off the 2pm slump.

Yoplait 1up Your Cup


Some of the other bloggers out there have found some delicious ways to add a little extra pizzaz to your daily yogurt snack as well-  Katie of Gettin’ My Healthy On shared her favorites, and Candy Washington shared her “Sugar Cookie & Bananas” recipe that looked super tasty as well!

You can find a variety of Yoplait products to snack smarter at Walmart or check out more fun ideas on Pinterest to 1Up Your Cup!





This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.



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