How Busy People Eat Healthy – Tips To Autopilot Your Way To Better Health

March 20, 2015

You are crazy busy. Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or cast aside. Follow these tips to streamline your food prep and ensure you don't undo your healthy choices when times are crazy!

If you don’t eat healthy, nobody will do it for you!  I’ve learned from my time marathon training, that no matter how much you work out- if your diet sucks, you will never lose weight or perform at your best.

At times, I have focused on running and cross training, food was an afterthought- leading to famished impulse eating (sort of like when you’re at the checkout line at the store and a candybar ends up in your cart) or the silly idea that if you work out you can eat whatever you want (sigh, not true, though I wish it was!).


Honestly, one of the main reasons we don’t eat better is that it’s a drag.  It’s a hassle.  It’s not as tasty.  Well, hopefully I can make healthy eating a bit more fun and a bit more functional for you, since these tips have helped me tremendously!


1. Make One Meal Special At Least Once A Week

Eating healthy is essential but it doesn't have to be a drag or a hassle! I picked up some fun accessories from Kohl's and made my Sunday meal prep and Sunday dinner much easier and fun too! #MakeYourmove

A big beautiful bowl, pyrex dishes, placemat & spatula to help batch my meals & have fun with food!

When you’re busy, cooking is a time suck and dinner can seem like the last thing on your mind, but finding fresh foods that make your mouth water and satisfy your hunger is key.  On Sunday, I typically cook a nice meal for lunch or dinner (whatever I have time for), and make something really yummy in a large enough batch, that I will have leftovers to last through the week.

Last week, I cooked up enough chicken to be used in my lunch salad that day, but also was used in later meals during the week.  Plating your meal, and eating at the table will make you savor your food- instead of shoveling it in without awareness, which can lead to overeating.  At least one day a week, commit to really enjoying your food and take time to slow down and bust out the fancy dishes. Cooking is fun when you’re not in a rush- so Sunday is my day.


2.  Batch Your Meals & Prep Ahead

MakeYourMove with Kohls - Batching your meals saves time and money…which makes healthy choices even easier!

So, as stated, I like to have a nice meal on Sunday.  I use the leftovers to conjure up meals for the rest of the week and put them in reusable Pyrex containers (I avoid plastic when possible, especially for heated dishes) or mason jars.  I will spend 2 hours prepping my to-go breakfasts and lunches.  Greek yogurt is much cheaper when bought plain in larger containers- you can add flavor with fresh berries, granola or my personal favorite, maple syrup!

I also like to batch my snacks- setting aside 5 containers of cut veggies and fruit to serve as my snacks throughout the week.  As stated with my Sunday “special” meal, if I cook chicken plain and put it to the side, I can add variety to my meals through the week to avoid boredom.  That chicken (or veggies) can be added to a salad, used on a sandwich or wrap, or set aside with some quinoa.  Easy peezy and it’s done in 2 hours for the entire week.

3. Avoid Trigger Foods That Make You Crash

Having trouble eating healthy? Make it fun! I picked up these cute tools from Kohls, it makes meal prep time a lot more enjoyable with colorful accessories! #MakeYourMove

I picked up this spatula (similar), Knives & strawberry collander from my local Kohl’s

You cannot live on salad alone, chances are you have a sweet tooth!  Plan for your palate and pack healthier options that still satisfy a sugar fix but that won’t give you a crash like candy.

What we easily forget is that when we’re trying to eat healthy, sometimes, a small indulgence is more of a problem than we think it is.  Our bodies are wired to consume fat, sugar, and calories- so be aware that if you have a taste of it, your body is going to want more!

If you’re really trying to eat healthy and you’re busy- know that you’re going to have some serious cravings, and that’s okay!  Packing something wonderful like fresh strawberries with a small side of semi-sweet chocolate or a flavored yogurt will help you indulge in a special way (so it has impact and isn’t just mindless noshing), without falling off the deep-end or conversely, depriving yourself to the point of misery!


So, how do you make healthy eating work when you’re busy?

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4 responses to “How Busy People Eat Healthy – Tips To Autopilot Your Way To Better Health”

  1. D says:


    I’ve been in the pursuit of minimal cooking healthy eating for a while now, even though I like cooking, it can get too much to dedicate 3 to 4 hours every Sunday on it, plus the electricity expenses that come with baking and using the stove! Looking forward to more posts like this 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    I normally cook a bunch of food on Mondays, and eat it throughout the week. Good Article!

  3. Stephanie Greene says:

    Same with Sue, I cook once a week and usually during the weekend and stuff it in individual containers to be consumed throughout the week. It saves you time with the clean-up. What I do is use the cooking pan on two dishes before washing it. Like when I have to pan-fry and do a casserole. Then I chop everything on one chopping board (make sure to chop the dry goods first). It just saves a lot of time.


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