My Big Fat Revenge

September 3, 2013

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of the Oxygen Network.


My Big Fat Revenge is not your average reality tv show, or a fitness show for that matter.  My Big Fat Revenge will document a woman’s journey from being bullied, discounted and even humiliated from someone in their lives, towards a healthier version of themselves.  Living well is the BEST revenge, and working towards that sweet moment when we can confront someone who gave us so much pain in the past is a motivating factor!

In the first few episodes, we will follow the journey of women who had a mortifying proposal story and a woman whose  dance instructor who used to humiliate her about her weight.  It’s time to put bullies in their place, and the Oxygen network will give the women on My Big Fat Revenge a chance to do what so many of us wish we could- confront someone who bullied us in our past!

My Big Fat Revenge will not only document the journeys of women who are taking control of their lives and working to be better versions of themselves to prove the naysayers wrong, but the show will give the bullies a taste of their own medicine by putting them through some good ol’ television justice.  This show will be a double whammy of “living well is the best revenge” with success stories of women who overcome taunting to take control and additionally will highlight some very important social topics around body image, bullying and stereotyping.

I’m really excited about this new show because I think while it takes the shape of a reality tv show, I think it will hit on some deeper issues that plague all of us.  While I’m fortunate enough to say that I was never bullied in school for my weight or body, every time I go for a run, lace up my sneakers and log a few miles, I feel a sense of pride I wish I could share with my former self.

I was never bullied about my weight, but the worst bully I wish I could confront- is my former self.

My self image was drastically impacted by an ex-boyfriend who amplified any insecurities I had.  If I ever felt out of control, ashamed, or insecure, it was amplified by the people in my life.  Every time I go for a run, I think of how much I’ve changed inside and how I wish I could zap back in time to confront my former self and say “it gets better, all you have to do is start.”

I can’t tell you how many times I felt discouraged when I tried to get fit, or how many times I told myself not to bother because I wasn’t an athlete.  I put myself in a box and found people who would echo those limitations- the friends and boyfriends who shared my beliefs and poor body images (for themselves and others).  Those folks aren’t in my life anymore, but kickin’ my former lazy-self to the curb and identifying as an athlete really demonstrates how much I’ve changed… if only I could have my own “revenge” moment!


 So, what do you think?  If you could confront anyone who bullied you about your body, who would it be?

My Big Fat Revenge premieres on Oxygen tonight, September 3rd at 9pm.  Tune in!

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2 responses to “My Big Fat Revenge”

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    I had a guy call me out one time in front of EVERYONE at a party about how pretty I’d be “if you weren’t so fat”… oh man… it still sticks with me…

    alcohol isn’t good for some people… gives them loose lips 🙁

  2. emskiruns says:

    I think this is a fab idea I love that people are standing up to bullies and showing them that no matter what happened in the past they are stronger now and no amount of bullying is going to keep them down.

    I hope this show teaches some other women to stand up to those who bully and also to those who bully others shows them how their behaviour affects others and hopefully it will make at least some people change their ways.



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