My New Favorite Fit Gear For Runners- Winter 2012 Edition

February 7, 2013

I  started running this year in the warm summer months, so adjusting to the cold winter air on my morning runs took not just grit, but some awesome gear.  Finding the right gear for runners in winter is so important- especially if you’re trying to perform at your peak on race day and recover appropriately.  Honestly, there  is nothing I hate more than being cold!

Since this is my first new season of an athlete, I sometimes feel like I’m trying new brands and items to make my fitness easier a wee-bit blind.  For instance, just a few weeks ago was the first time I’d ever had Gu- the slimy substance so many runners are familiar with, yet I’ve never needed to try it until I hit 12 miles and again, during my first half marathon.  Additionally, there have been experiments with familiar brands like Blender Bottle but used in new ways with new, updated products..more on that later!

Here are my favorite new items that I’ve added to my gear bag.   Enjoy!



Winter Running Gear Zensah Jacket

Zensah Running Jacket –  This year I ended up investing in a few jackets for running, but this was by far my favorite running jacket.  Zensah is most known for their compression gear, but this running jacket is sleek, comfortable, snuggly and best of all- it is classy enough to wear out on errands.  I love a jacket that provides the fit and feel of a running jacket with dry wic fabric, but also has the style to make it appropriate for other events.

I first tried this out during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meetup, and wore it under my shirt… It was perfect and got plenty of compliments.  After the meetup, I wore it around Downtown Disney and I love that it didn’t wrinkle when I threw it in my tote- it’s versatile and lightweight for travel while still being warm. I loved how it felt on and loved that it made packing for a running vacation way simpler!



New Blender Bottle

The NEW Blender Bottle –  Blender Bottle recently reinvented their bottle.  I had used it in the past for breakfast shakes and smoothies, but since I’ve overhauled my nutrition I needed more bottles- that’s when I discovered the redesign!  The bottles not only come in gorgeous new colors, the design is sleeker and best of all- NO leakage!  I shook the heck out of my new Blender Bottle…threw it in the dishwasher and then used it again, it’s FAB.  I love that it’s bright and cheery, it makes a chard, spinach & chocolate protein smoothie taste that much better!  The blender bottle isn’t just gear for runners but great for yoga lovers & on the go healthy eaters.



Winter Running Gear

Sprigs Big Bangees & Multi-Mitt Running Gloves –  Even the simplest run involves me stashing keys, Gu, my inhaler and a few Sportz Beanz in my pockets-  sometimes, if I’m in running tights during cold weather, there is not enough pocket space!  Finding gear for runners in the winter that accommodates all the extra stuff we carry- kleenex, chapstick, inhalers and Gu, can be a challenge.  Sprigs has brilliant design- sweat bands that hold essentials and fuel, plus mittens that not only convert to be able to use your hands, but include zippered pockets.

Sprigs has a ton of colors, sizes and fabric options that will help not only keep you warm but ensure you have plenty of storage space without being bulky or having the awkward “pocket grab” to dig out keys from the crotch region of your running shorts!



Winter Running Gear Review

Pro Compression Marathon Socks –  Yes, it was essential I wear compression socks for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and especially, that they come in lime green to match my outfit!  I’ve tried a few other brands of compression socks as I go on longer runs, but Pro Compression by far is my favorite.  I have oddly skinny legs and other brands are still too tight-  they’re too stretched out to be cute and look like I’m wearing children’s socks.  Pro Compression is not too tight, but just right… they are great for recovery as well.

Pro compression make a ton of fun colors that fit like a charm…I will be shopping for their argyle compression socks and holiday striped socks!

Get 40% off your ProCompression order using code WT40



The Stick

“The Stick” For Sore Muscles –  This thing hurts so good!  If you’ve ever been sore after a run or felt tightness in your muscles in between activities, this is a great relief, though it hurts a bit to get it!  The Stick helps you massage out muscles and it really gets in there good!



Nuun hydration

Nuun Hydration –  You can’t just buy one tube.  You have to buy a whole bunch and in a ton of flavors. I love Nuun hydration because it adds flavor to water on regular days, but also offers sugar free hydration after workouts. Powerade upsets my stomach, and this is a great alternative! I cannot wait until the new flavors are out in spring!

What New Fit Gear Have You Fallen In Love With?

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4 responses to “My New Favorite Fit Gear For Runners- Winter 2012 Edition”

  1. Oh I love the stick. It’s good for before long runs, too! It’s great at stimulating blood flow and feeling prepared before a race. =)

  2. I need to get off my lazy bum and hop on the compression bandwagon! I have YET to buy my first pair and you’re the second 40% code I’ve seen so it’s obviously calling my name 🙂

    Love Nuun, I’m not sure how I’d live without it now. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Stick. It has done wonders post hard runs to help me feel good as new for the next day!

  3. Makeupwishes says:

    How weird, I thought I was the only one that got an upset tummy from power aid.


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