25 Reasons Why You Should Run (Especially If You Think You’re Not A Runner)

July 15, 2013

25 Reasons Why You Should Run (Especially If You Think You're Not A Runner)


  1. Because the outfits are adorable and heck, like you need an excuse to buy more shoes.
  2. Because you had a bad experience with running (like middle school P.E. class) it’s time to redeem the run.
  3. Because your exboyfriend said something stupid to you and it’s going to feel damn good to post race photos on Facebook.
  4. Because you will build muscles you didn’t know you had.
  5. Because there’s a charity out there that needs your support and running is a great way to get them to save kitties and puppies or find a cure for cancer.
  6. It’s not your birthday or your anniversary, but you’d run for Tiffany.
  7. While you don’t need an excuse to go on vacation, a run-cation will help justify all of those margaritas and bbq you eat while on one.
  8. Because you are building bone density every time you run as well as muscle definition.
  9. Sock tan lines are totally sexy, especially when your former self didn’t get outside much.
  10. Damn. Sexy. Calves.
  11. Putting a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker on your car is hilarious when people ask what radio station it is.
  12. You will become stronger than you ever thought possible.
  13. You will go farther than you ever thought possible.
  14. Because crossing the finish line for the first time will be a memory you won’t forget.
  15. Because starting for that first run when you can’t make it around the block will be a memory you won’t forget (and trust me, it’s better than your first race!)
  16. You don’t just change your life with running, your running inspires others.
  17. The Disneyaddict in you just needs to run the parks.
  18. Because no other workout gives you bling at the end.
  19. You love cupcakes, beer or bacon, but apparently they don’t love your waistline so much.  (Can I get an amen? I run for beer.)
  20. Because it’s time your sports bra actually was used for sports.
  21. You will learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable and that level of grit and tenacity influences all areas of your life.
  22. Because nobody else gets to dress up in costume like it’s Halloween and run around a theme park.
  23. Because being able to really feel your body-the good and the bad,  is a gift some people never get to experience.
  24. Because anyone can be a runner, especially those of us who don’t look like “runners.” The community needs more of us.
  25. But most of all, you need to run because it will propel the journey of the lifetime.  Every step, every mile gets you one step closer to the person you want to be- inside and out. It’s a hard forged beauty you’ll thank yourself for later.

So, do you have a reason?


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52 responses to “25 Reasons Why You Should Run (Especially If You Think You’re Not A Runner)”

  1. Daisy says:

    I wish I could be into running, but I’m just not. At all. I don’t enjoy it, and there’s a thousand things I’d rather do. I’ve always tried to do things to make myself like it.

  2. lindsay says:

    My favorite is when people think the 13.1 or 26.2 bumper sticker is some Bible verse they don’t know.

  3. Emily T says:

    21 is my favorite!

    Knowing that you’ve pushed yourself through when you wanted to quit is so satisfying. I also run for the runner’s high. The only way I choose to get high. 🙂 hahaha

    -Emily (beautyandthegreek.blogspot.com)

  4. Emily T says:

    21 is my favorite!

    Knowing that you’ve pushed yourself through when you wanted to quit is so satisfying. I also run for the runner’s high. The only way I choose to get high. 🙂 hahaha

    -Emily (beautyandthegreek.blogspot.com)

  5. My favorite reasons are: 1. no matter how fast or far you go, as long as you take the first step you are now a runner 2. your first race will always be a PR 3. the FRIENDS you make!

  6. This is a great list! I will always run for the kitties and the puppies 🙂

  7. Courtney says:

    I love this list — especially number 24. ANYONE can be a runner! Great post 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    I cancelled my gym membership to focus on exercising outside and saving money. I always struggled to run, then realised ANYONE can run, you just progress at your pace and no one else’s.

  9. Janine says:

    I started running, and I’m glad I did. It’s hard to get into but it feels great after.

  10. Nicole says:

    OMG. I love this. I am a runner too. I love especially being able to put the 13.1 or 26.2 sticker on your car comment.

  11. RunningChickie says:

    Love this post!!! Yes having good calves is awesome.

  12. I love #2. I was the slowest runner on my softball team and I always dreaded the mile. I assumed I was doomed as a runner. But I have redeemed myself! I now love running and I’m proud of where I’ve come.

  13. Cassie says:

    Love this! I love when people ask me what my 13.1 sticker is <3

  14. Sarah says:

    Great post, I love this! #19 says it all 🙂

  15. Love this list! I’m just starting to get back into running, so this is perfect!

  16. Oh yea, #11 is my goal, for sure! Can’t wait to get my 13.1 sticker after November! Cute list 🙂

  17. Lauren says:

    23 is my favorite; it is the most inspiring for me!

  18. Amy says:

    I like 19, I run for beer too 🙂

  19. KP says:

    I can’t say I agree with much of this post at all. Unless you’re an endurance athlete or your whole fitness goal is to specifically train to run long distances, running isn’t the best choice for most people. There are some people who truly enjoy running, are healthy enough to do it and have the body to endure it, but most of the points in the list are just plain untrue:
    1. You can buy outfits and shoes to do any sort of exercise. Or to wear just because.
    2. Sure, you can try running again just to prove to your middle-school self that you can but you shouldn’t take up running to prove that you’re healthy and fit.
    3. It would feel better to post pictures of you looking damn good than just showing that you know how to run (or so you believe).
    4. You would build more muscles by actually working them doing various exercises designed to build muscle. Besides not working out at all, running is probably the least effective way to build muscle.
    5. Sure, you can run in a race to show your support for a charity. Or you could just donate or volunteer instead.
    7. You could burn just as many calories doing a workout that raises your metabolic rate overall to help you burn fat for much longer instead of running, which has been shown to lower metabolism in the long run.
    8. Research has shown that running actually decreases bone density because as muscle mass decreases as a result of running, so does bone density.
    10. There are countless other ways to build calves.
    12. This may be true for some people, but for those who want to be even stronger than just a person who runs, there’s weight-training, HIIT, and much more intense workouts. Doing those will show you just how strong you’re really capable of being.
    15. You will also never forget only being able to do 5-pound shoulder presses when you started and now being able to do 30+ pounds, or only being able to do body-weight squats and now squatting over 150 pounds.
    16. You can inspire others even more by showing them the transformation you achieved by lifting weights and doing intense intervals to truly burn that fat and show off your muscle definition (tight, round butt, anyone?)
    18. Winners of bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini competitions take home some pretty sweet prizes. Not to mention sponsorships with supplement and clothing companies and modeling contracts.
    19. See #7
    20. See #1
    21. See #12
    23. This one just doesn’t make much sense at all. There are many activities that make you realize the good and bad of your body.
    24. Yes, anyone can be a runner. But most will regret it in the long-run when they have to go to physical therapy to correct problems that arose from not having the skeletal system to support running, or deal with hormonal issues, such as hypothyroidism due to the other negative side effects of running.
    25. If the person you want to be is an endurance runner and you’re okay with being “skinny fat” and have no muscle definition, then continue full force. But for those people who want to look better and feel healthier, stronger and more confident, look to weight-training, HIIT, or some other form of exercise that can actually give you the results you’re after.
    There are several great articles out there that highlight the negative effects of running (although much less than the articles emphasizing the “benefits” of running that are so easy to brainwash into people). One such article can be found here: https://athlete.io/5343/why-women-should-not-run/
    I realize the points in your post are your opinion and you’re fully entitled to it, as am I with this comment. It is just very disappointing to see so many women running because they’ve seen everyone else doing it or were told that they need to if they want to be fit and look good. Thinking and researching for themselves can make a huge difference in actually attaining their goals of being fit, healthy, and looking like they really take care of their body! No disrespect meant towards you and you seem to love running very much, but I think it is very important to point out that running is definitely not for everyone and can be more harmful than beneficial.

  20. Andy says:

    Hi KP,
    Thanks for raining on our parade as we (newbie+) runners try to encourage each other.
    Yes your opinion is important, please feel free to start your own blog. Shannyn does great blog consulting.
    Look forward to seeing you in the mommy blogs where you expose their lies of happiness and tell how is better to be childless and single.

    • KP says:

      I’m not saying you can’t encourage each other. Let the blind lead the blind if that’s what you feel you must do. I was simply responding to her post with research to back up my statements. I was under the impression that people blog to share their ideas and interact with others. If she didn’t want comments then she wouldn’t allow people to comment. If someone is going to be so close minded as to ignore any opinions that differ from theirs then they have much bigger problems to deal with. As for Shannyn’s blog consulting, it’s great that she is encouraging people to get off their asses and do something active, I just feel that she would help her readers even more if she did research and was informed before leading others to believe that they should all be running for the reasons she listed.

      And sorry to let you down but I’m neither childless nor single and I’m quite happy about that so you won’t see me trying to “expose the lies” of the joy that comes with being a mother.

      I understand that people can get pretty defensive when they’re passionate about something and it may be hard to accept that what you’ve thought was true all along really wasn’t. Being open minded when it comes to anything in life can benefit a person greatly and allow them to grow. No one says that just because you are a runner and believe that’s the healthiest thing for you, you can’t change your mind and try something that research supports.

      No disrespect meant towards anyone, just trying to help people be healthy, as was Shannyn’s intention I believe.

      • Shannyn says:

        No worries KP, as you said, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I do appreciate you adding yours to this discussion!

        I love running and it has added a lot to my life, I did consult and research before I started and I also don’t feel that someone should run if it causes them harm.

        Honestly, it was interesting to hear your two cents on the issue since as you said, much of the discussion is pro-running and it was informative for me to see the other side of the coin. You are totally allowed to disagree!

      • Brent says:

        Wow, provocative. I admit, the title of the article you linked to got me to click and read it. And then I read this line: “Some physique coaches prescribe 20-plus hours per week of pre-contest cardio for women, which essentially amounts to a part-time job”

        Who on earth is “prescribing” 20+ hours a week of ANYTHING for anybody? Can you put me in touch with a single personal trainer who would recommend this? Because in the running community, there is no reputable source on the planet that would recommend that kind of work load to anyone.

        First, your basic fitness jogger who runs to just get some good cardio to in runs around 12-15 miles a week, which for even the slowest turtle of a runner is no more than three hours in a week.

        Now to the extreme: Your everyday 4:30 marathoner runs a 10:18 mile on race day, which amounts to about 5.8 mph. 20 hours a week at that pace would be more than 115 miles in a week. Even a conservative 11:00 pace for 20 hours would mean over 105 miles in a week. Novice runners training for their first marathon run 40 miles in a week, and they do that ONE time during the training cycle, and only after building up to that climactic week for three months. The over two-hour half-marathoner crowd runs MAYBE 25 miles in their climactic week. And the 10K and 5K recreational runners aren’t coming close to logging even that much mileage.

        Only elite, professional level runners run 80-100 miles per week. 20 hours of ANY exercise is probably not healthy for anyone. It’s such a ridiculous claim that it calls the credibility of the entire article into question.

        Since you suggested that people do some research, I actually did some and found this point-by-point rebuttal of Kiefer’s article. Not a surprise, it debunks the entire thing:


        TL;DR crowd: Kiefer’s “analysis” of the scientific data is grossly misconstrued. Read the studies the article actually cites and you’ll see his conclusions are cherry picked in best cases, and completely backwards in worst cases. The premise is also deeply flawed.

        I agree that running isn’t for everybody, and it’s not a muscle-building activity. Certainly, marathon running exposes people to stresses that are largely unhealthy, and I wouldn’t recommend running marathons for most people for a lot of reasons.

        But saying running, as a general fitness activity, is harmful is utterly irresponsible.

        • KP says:

          Brent, I didn’t state that running as a general exercise is harmful. I said that for many people it can be more harmful than beneficial because of the way their body is made and the stress running can put on it as a result of their skeletal structure. I read the article you linked and, while I do agree that Kiefer may have cherry-picked some of the information he drew from his references (I definitely do not have enough time to read each and every one of his references to verify that he interpreted them correctly), the author agrees that running decreases total muscle mass (which is a point Kiefer made in his article and a point I also made in several of the rebuttals to Shannyn’s list). Studies show that the more lean body mass you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate will be (which is why LBM is factored in when figuring BMR, depending on the formula that is being used). Therefore, if running causes you to lose lean body mass, then your metabolism is also likely to decrease. The author of your linked article also stated: “Endurance training may detract from sport-specific goals, so each person needs to program their training accordingly. Despite many fitness writers’ claims to the contrary, there is no one-size-fits-all program that is optimal for everyone and their myriad goals or preferences.” This happens to be the same point I made at both the beginning and the end of my initial comment.

          Based on your comment, it seems like you’re mostly upset about a phrase you found in the article I linked to as a reference to some of the negative effects of running (which your linked article also agrees with). I never mentioned anything about 20+ hours of running per week, nor do I associate with any trainers who would recommend that. I do my research and decide for myself what is best for me based on my goals, as every person should do. I believe Kiefer was using the “20+ hours a week” scenario (one that some uninformed, aspiring figure competitors may be in) to show that trying to get a lean, muscular body by focusing on steady state cardio is not logical. I did not base my argument against Shannyn’s list solely on the article I linked to. The statements I made can be backed up by many facts you learn when studying exercise science. I do agree that running has some benefits and, for some people, it is the ideal exercise based on their goals, but I do not agree with most of Shannyn’s points, especially #24 (that everyone can be a runner).

  21. Andy says:

    Can we just ignore KP and the long winded responses?
    I love reason 1. As a guy, the clothes are fun and the race shirts are awesome! Just don’t faux pas by wearing it to the race! Few things are cooler than doing your long run and seeing someone with the same race shirt.

  22. Love this post! 🙂 I’m sharing it with my running group. 🙂 <3

  23. I run because it breeds confidence that I can accomplish other goals in my life.

  24. Bryan says:

    LOL Reason number one, very true. I just started a running program with my SO and it’s just an excise for me to see her in that running outfit 😉
    She already has good calves though, haha.

    Also, if you don’t mind checking out my blog I’d be very appreciative. It’s for a budget store I am about to open up. https://reaccessed.com and https://blog.reaccessed.com

  25. Bryan says:

    LOL, reason one is so true. My SO and I recently started a running program and it’s just an excuse to see her in that outfit 😉
    She already has nice calves though, haha.

  26. Darci says:

    Such a great and unique list! <3

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    On the ground, five world channels behave as gateways for that around signals and also these kinds of soil channels are generally interlinked having a various and also repetitive interconnection all over European union. Because of this the common surging set up will certainly “hop” the moment above the satellite television url, after which the connection from the planet place for the MCR (master manage area to the manufacturing company) are going to be direct by means of fibre, or even from worst type of case directly to the peering place while using the MCR’s ISP. This definitely produces the particular SLA towards fore.

    Therefore even though i will be nonetheless particularly thrilled simply by cellmuxes as well as how swiftly they’re increasing brand new marketplaces intended for ENG along with outside broadcast, it’s apparent that will exactly where quality, currently advanced marketplaces can be found that need high support amount deals, there’s now a solution to help industry between secured SLA involving EutelSat’s NewsSpotter VSAT, as well as the “good enough” SLA with the freedom as well as time for it to air which the range of cellmux possibilities on the market typically offer.

    Severely there’s tiny to select between the two in terms of investment capital outlay and also operating prices. In the event that everything the particular NewsSpotter assistance will be, in writing a minimum of, less costly compared to major collection cellmuxes, and it is with regards to in par with a Teradek /Livestream paired using a Teradek Attachment.

    And that’s some sort of leap-frog that may once again affect the industry in a very beneficial opportinity for the conclusion customers.

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