Video: What They Don’t Tell You About Midwest Winters

February 4, 2015

We just got over a foot of snow in a 24 hour period, and yes, it’s just about as charming as you’d think.  This is my fourth year in Chicago.  Fourth. I think. I may have lost track.  I have survived many a winter as a recovering Californian and I think this year I finally have it down to a science- but that doesn’t mean I like it any better.

If you ask me, winter is just stupid. Everything about it.  From the complications it presents simply trying to walk to and fro with ice on the ground, to my inability to check the weather app as often as I should no matter how many times I’ve been under prepared to stay warm. I simply don’t enjoy winter, but alas, I am coping.

Enjoy this week’s video, and if you need to get your hands on the hilarious winter haiku shirt, I snagged it from (and they have an array of other awesome ones!)  The video quality annoys me to no end, but alas, I think it sums up midwest winters pretty darn well and the serious lack of sunshine that we are experiencing… the proof is in the pudding I guess!


So, how do you cope with winter? Please tell me you hate it as much as I do…



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9 responses to “Video: What They Don’t Tell You About Midwest Winters”

  1. Erika says:

    Girl! I feel you! I lived in LA for a year then moved to Tennessee for 2. I haven’t had to deal with snow for years! Now I am up in Milwaukee where getting 4 inches of snow (on top of the foot we got three days ago) is “no big deal” (like my coworker says!). I am getting sick of this already!! Here is my list:

    1. Taking an extra 15-20 minutes a day for my commute. Twice a day! My side street is NEVER plowed so I have to be super cautious until I get to the busy streets, which are normally fine.
    2. Taking an extra 10 minutes a day to put winter clothes and boots on. (On my doggies too! :)) Then, when I take them off, they are all wet. Where do I put them?? I SHOULD get a coat rack and use your cute ideas, but Buffy (my dog) would seriously just eat it. For now, the little area in front of my garage is a cold, wet mess lol.
    3. Being extra careful every time I get out of my car in a parking lot because I could eat it any time.
    4. This is my killer! I have two very energetic and athletic dogs that HAVE to be run (or is it ran? lol) in the morning, or they tear my apartment up. Where am I supposed to run when our local trail has 2 feet of snow on it?!?!? We are stuck jogging on the slushy, sometimes icy, sometimes just full of snow streets. They wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t cars around, or I didn’t have to pick up their poop in the freezing cold with snow and wind blowing in my face!! That is my #1 pet peeve (wow that was kind of a pun! haha). I can’t wait until it stops snowing just for that!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, thanks for letting me vent! I sound super negative right now. But I keep telling myself that in 2 months (maybe 3….maybe 4…) this will be all over! For half of a year anyway.

    Good luck!


  2. I hate winter too! It’s funny because I’ve always lived in places with pretty harsh winters but I feel I’m meant to live in California. haha

  3. R says:

    I moved here 11 years ago for college. There are some things that I do that really help me.

    1. Buy a coat that covers your rear! I never did this until this year, and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I was out on the days that Chicago school was cancelled for low temperatures, and I was wondering what all the fuss was about. I realized it was my coat.
    2. You need to go out and brush your car off mid-blizzard. It really helps when you need to do the final dig out.
    3. You need two pairs of snow boots: one that stops just above your ankle and one that comes to below your knee. The pair that stops just before your knee is for the hard snow, like this past weekend. The pair that is just above your ankle is for running errands when it is snowing. They are less clunky and noticeable than the under knee boots.
    4. Buy a sun lamp. I got mine from Bed Bath and Beyond. Sit beside it while eating breakfast, or use it after you hit snooze in the morning. It helps with your mood too.
    5. Realize that sometimes the best way to deal with snow is to not go out in it. Be very strategic about when you go grocery shopping. You do not want to be running errands in a blizzard. Plan indoor activities that you can look forward to. I have a teacher friend who has specific snow day crafts. I plan movie marathons that I only do when it is snowing.

  4. Kara says:

    I’ve lived in southern Ontario (Canada) my entire life and we’re on the edge of a “snow belt” (an area that has higher than average snow). We likely have similar weather as Chicago, just a bit colder! Even though I’ve been here my entire life, I still hate winter. The struggle is real in winter.

  5. Mae says:

    I hate winters too! Cali has the best weather!


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