How To Survive Your First Midwest Winter: Wardrobe Tips {video}

January 10, 2012

Moving to or visiting the Midwest and not sure what to wear? Let this warm-weather transplant show you how it’s done!


My Winter Wardrobe Essentials:

-Waterproof Boots: I recommend Sorel Tivoli boots, perfectly warm and practical for city living/lots of walking!

-Boot Socks:  Calf High or Knee High Wool Blend boot socks.  Boot socks are both warm and will protect your legs from the cold and wear from boots.

Thermals/Leggings:  Silk long underwear or thermals to wear under clothes can be found at any department/discount store.  I also recommend double layering regular tights for warmth/texture or polar fleece leggings (Google “Polar Fleece Leggings” to snag a deal).

-Scarves:  Knit your own or get something thick and wooly!  I recommend an infinity/loop/cowl scarf that won’t blow off if the wind picks up or get tangled if you’re in a hurry.

-A Parka:  A peacoat won’t do!  Get a down feather parka (Mine is 80% down) that goes past your tush if possible.  Also, if you can one with a down lined hoodie and drawstring (so it stays on in windy conditions).

-Headband, Hat w/ Ear Flaps or Earmuffs:  Cold ears and earaches are the worst!  Having your ears covered will make even horribly windy days bearable!

-Gloves:  Knit gloves are adorable but have a tendency to fray and get ruined prematurely.  Be sure to pick up some fabric/leather/synthetic fingerless gloves with a mitten top (as shown).  You can also get some gloves that have special fingertips that are good for touch screens but may still not be ideal for gripping.

Also, you may notice that poor little Ralphie is hacking about 7 minutes in.  He’s had a horrible ear/sinus infection and has required some (expensive) medical treatment. In my sidebar is an adorable little “Spare Some Noms” donate button, but I’m sure he’d appreciate some good karma as well! 😉

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2 responses to “How To Survive Your First Midwest Winter: Wardrobe Tips {video}”

  1. budgetingbabe says:

    Ummmm why didn't I know you were in Chicago. We must meet up! I have many midwest winter tips for you 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    I am so glad I don't live in the midwest…but I'll be prepared if I do though! I will stick to living where it's warm and we can get away with wearing Ugg Boots where it's "cold"


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