Happy Valentine’s Day- My Vday Wishlist

February 3, 2015

I love Valentine’s Day, which has not always been the case.  I’m happily single this year, well, no, but I’m just happy in general, and Valentine’s Day is a good reason to just celebrate love of all sorts.

This year, I may treat myself to something special since it will be my first year as a single gal in a wee while.  I won’t be getting married this year as I had originally had planned, but honestly- I feel blessed, somewhat balanced and oddly not bitter about any of it.  Sometimes love doesn’t turn out the way you planned, but if you look, you can find plenty of love all around you.

I’m beyond grateful that this Valentine’s Day, I am surrounded by love, and maybe if I’m luckier still, I may splurge on something from my wish list.  I seem to be obsessed with envelope clutches, so we will see if one of these ends up on my Instagram feed in a few weeks  😉


Fancy Vday Wishlist


Kate Spade Clutch /Knot Key Pendant /Kate Spade Crossbody Clutch /After My Own Heart /   I Love You Bracelet /  Bunny Ring Holder /

Diana F Honeycomb Camera  /  Hello Gorgeous Reversable Pillow / Rebecca Minkoff Clutch  

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day whether you’re single or smitten, and that no matter what, you take some time to feel the love and treat yourself (even if treating yourself doesn’t cost a penny, take some *you* time!).  You are beautiful, and you are loved.


I also really really want this camera! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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4 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day- My Vday Wishlist”

  1. Amarilys says:

    I love this post so much and it is such a timely read! I am anxious about V-day, as it will also be the first V-day as a single gal that I have had in 4 years! As the day approaches I feel myself thinking of all the different ways to disconnect completely that day to not be reminded of what I will not have, but this post definitely made me feel better about everything and all of the love I do have! Thanks so much for writing it 🙂

    • Shannyn says:

      Aww, well I hope you have an amazing VDay- yes, it’s all about focusing on what you have and not what you don’t. Celebrate in a way that builds you up, not tears you down!

  2. I love those pillows! I hope you have a wonderful February 14th. 🙂


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