Sunday Smash Up… Food, Friends and Feet Edition

October 21, 2012

If you’re reading this on Sunday I will be approaching the starting line of my very first 10k -the Surf City Beach Derby 10k very first 10k!  Ahhh!  I will have a race-recap soon, but for now, enjoy my week in pictures…this one’s so “me.” It seems my obsessions for the week include eating healthfully (and drinking pumpkin beer!), shoes and being with friends.  Not bad, eh?

“Handbags” are just sandbags with duct tape that we use for dainty weight training…haha!  /  My new kicks

 I just wrapped up my 2nd week of Kaia F.I.T. training and am going to be also adding two additional days of run training to prepare for my first half marathon.  My trainings schedule will now include a one hour workout three days a week with three training runs each week- so adjusting to 6 days a week of intense training will require some adjustments-  mental, nutritional, extra sleep and of course… some new shoes (as you’ll see below!)

Healthy Food...and beer.  It All Evens Out Right?

Three weeks of healthy eating… squash, quinoa, salmon, green smoothies, and BEER of course!

I don’t know about you, but I love the microwave-in-bag veggies like brussel sprouts & cauliflower.  I’ve also attempted to keep things simple with green smoothies each day and quickly cooked quinoa and protein that doesn’t require much prep.    Also, I run to drink beer. Pumpkin beer has replaced my summer standard, Corona Light with Lime (so refreshing on a muggy day!)  Gotta love a good pumpkin beer!

I’ve learned, especially with my new busy schedule that nutrition is the first thing to be sacrificed as well as the one thing that needs to be severely simplified in order to make it work.   My food either goes in a blender, quickly cooks in a microwave or prepares fresh within a few minutes- like a salad or fruit bowl.  I gotta keep it simple or I’m going to run out of time and energy!

Boba Boba Boba Bestie Boba Boba

I adore Boba & Ramen… but the best of all is my friend of 10+ years.  Ultimate adore!

In addition to eating healthfully, one must also schedule in time for friends and not-so-nutritional food, namely boba with besties.  We ordered some Taro balls, Boba drinks and Ramen- so amazingly good!  Everyone needs a good night off from a crazy routine and I love, love , love Japanese food!

Oh, now on to the shoes!  Muahaha…

My new Tiffany Blue Nike Running Shoes

I’m obsessed…OBSESSED I say, with Tiffany blue (Robin’s Egg) Now my obsession with Tiffany & running are one!

 The eBay fairy- AKA Dad brought Christmas home early.  These gorgeous shoes are a perfect match to the gorgeous blue box that so many of us swoon over.  I can’t wait to get the chance to try these babies out, but I’m a bit nervous to actually put them to use since they’re just so darn pretty!

I love shoes! Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Chromatic Gallerie & Target shoes (lust!) Plus my little shopping haul from Marshall’s

 Life is not complete without some new shoes to strut your stuff with!  I haven’t been out shopping since I moved back to California, but finally hit up Kohl’s (in search of the new Lauren Conrad collection) and the local Marshall’s.  I got some great bargains-  Some Candie’s jewelry at 45% off and some $15 shirts that will be perfect for day or night!

So, that’s my week in review!  I am still hustlin with my fitness program and the final week-ish countdown of Rockstar Blogging…woot!

Wish me luck as I run my first 10k, so excited!  The medal= so worth it…and this will be my first one!

How was your week?  Get any new shoes?

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6 responses to “Sunday Smash Up… Food, Friends and Feet Edition”

  1. Catherine says:

    Good luck on the race! I use to run…but gave it up and don’t have the time to dedicate right now to get back into it. Pretty new sneakers too, enjoy!

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks so much! Ya, I’ve totally caught the running bug…it might be good to be underemployed for the moment so I can do all the crazy training and racing! 🙂

  2. Tiana says:

    love the shoes. (bg)

  3. Jeweliette23 says:

    I love love love your new sneakers! My iPhone case is a Tiffany’s blue color now. My most recent purchase was a pair of Coach black riding boots at 25% off. Been wearing them every weekend!

  4. Sara K. says:

    I want new shoes so bad! I can’t buy any until after the baby comes but I have serious shoe lust!

  5. I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I certainly enjoy reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!


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