How I Stay Fit On The Go With Puffs

October 16, 2014

Staying Fit On The Go

I am very busy.  So busy, in fact, like most of us- that when I get busy, my fitness routine is the first thing to suffer.  I love to run, work out to DVDs at home and I seriously am going to start going to the gym (for realsies).  If you’re struggling to make fitness a routine in your life, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep yourself motivated and stay fit on the go:

– Put It On Your Calendar

Working out quickly becomes a good intention rather than a habit if I don’t put non-negotiable time on my calendar.  At least two days a week, despite my crazy work schedule, I force myself to take a workout lunch.  If I don’t carve out time and make this time a “no excuses” zone, it doesn’t get done.  In the evenings, I can easily cop out by being “too tired,” and during the workday, I can easily allow meetings to get scheduled over my lunch hour and I rarely, if ever, get that time back.

Put it on your calendar, with a reminder on your phone! It’s a lifesaver!


– Planning Means Packing

Pack your gym bag or set out your clothes the night before.  Make sure you have all the goodies you need to work out and clean up quickly. I pack a change of clothes, my beauty supplies and I make sure that if I’m really in a hurry, I also pack some multi-use products to clean up on the go, like Puff SoftPack, which I can throw in my gym bag for use before, during and after workouts.  The packaging can take a beating in my gym bag, but also gives me more product to work with than a regular tissue pack, which means I have enough tissues for all stages of my workout for a few weeks.

Whether I’m fighting a runny nose during a cold weather run or touching up my makeup after showering at the gym, I have no time to fuss!

Staying Fit On The Go with Puf


– Pamper Yourself

Treats are a regular part of my workout routine.  Yep, treats. I’m training myself like a puppy- but instead of cookies, I go for pretty things.  In the past, I’ve rewarded myself with “extras” that would make me feel better when working out- a nice new gym bag, a better pair of running shoes, a new workout towel or even some time at the nail salon if I’ve kept up with the workouts.  Find rewards that don’t unravel your progress and instead, motivate you to get to the gym…if you look good, you feel good!



How I Stay Fit On The Go w: Puffs


In getting to write about Puffs SoftPack, I’ve realized that if you’re as busy as I am, working out needs to be made a priority and thus, as painless as possible.  We ladies usually put ourselves last, but setting up systems and investing in products that make life easier, take some of the hassle out of incorporating health into our busy lives.



If you want a durable, multiuse product that is great for your purse, car and gymbag, feel free to check out Puffs SoftPack on Facebook!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Puffs through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Puffs, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Faire Randle says:

    Thank you for your articles. I’ve been enjoying the practicality of your good-natured writing for a few months now and I had to finally comment on the most recent article – – being prepared and adding your workouts to your calendar. I decided a month ago (when my schedule became less demanding), that I would add a wake-up alarm on specific days, pre-set the channel on my television, and have my clothes laid out the night before. In doing so, regardless of how tired I might be initially when the alarm goes off, I’m always aware enough to slip into those work out clothes and turn on the TV. I feel much better after the work out and my who been physical being has been awakened because I’ve taken the first few minutes of the day to take care of need to get my muscles going before tackling the stress of the day.
    Thanks again,


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