How To Print Your Instagram Photos For Easy Gifts and Decor

November 6, 2013

Where To Print Your Instagram Photos - Finally, get them off your phone!


I am an Insta-addict, but yet like most of us digital junkies, we don’t print photos as much as we used to.  Instagram, though being one of my favorite social media outlets, has a history of being rather frustrating to use- first you couldn’t get it on your computer, then when you could, it was through confusing third party services that bloggers would use that didn’t really sync up with Instagram (so no one-click follow) and beyond that- figuring out how to print squares at your typical printing service could be daunting.

I am in love with Social Print Studio– they offer a variety of print options from polaroid prints, stickers, photo books and framed prints in a variety of formats.  Their user interface is stupid easy to navigate and will sync up with Instagram, pulling your entire library of uploaded photos that you simply click-to-print in whatever format you’d like.  Their website is awesome and so are the quality of their prints. Read on…


Where To Print Your Instagram Photos

You can print your Instagram photos at their site – I went nuts when I found out how easy it was to use. I ordered a ton of my favorite Instagram photos to print.  I ordered a stack of Polaroid Prints and a set of sticker books.  You can tailor each set, so you can have as many or as few of whatever prints you select to make your stacks completely customizable!


Print Your Instagram Photos For Unique Gifts Using Social Print Studio

Have Your Instagram Pictures Printed As Stickers With Social Print Studio

I flippin’ love this sticker book. I took my funniest and most random photos and added them into the book.  I know that leaving little stickers in fun places to find later will be a fun surprise down the road, or adding them to letters adds a personal touch.  If you were like me, stickers were a BIG DEAL growing up and now, it’s awesome to make customizable stickers from my photos.

Back in the day, I used to go to the Sanrio store and use their photo booth sticker machine to take pictures of myself to put on stickers for my notebooks, notes and school books.  I get a shot of nostalgia when I see these stickerbooks.  If you get a letter from me, expect a pug or a dorky shot of me doing something ridiculous.  😉 Prices:

Sticker Book- 252 Stickers for $10

Mini Books- 2 50 picture books for $12

Framed Prints- 4 Different layouts at $60 each


I also ordered this frame print from

How To Print Your Instagram Photos For Easy Decor and Gifts
For our anniversary, I chose some my favorite photos from the last year, our race Wrigley Field, pictures from our Walt Disney World trip, our running shoes paired together after a race, fiancés attempt to ride a mechanical bull in Hollywood, Domokun and more of our favorite memories.

We’re planning on ordering a framed print every year we’re together.  There are just too many good photos to let them languish on my iPhone, and so many memories that should be happily remembered.


Social Print Studio also has a new Facebook printing site- BluePrints!

Print Your Instagram Photos Online


I used Blueprint to put together a framed picture of my favorite Route 66 travel memories.  There are different formats to choose from- 1 photo, 4 photos, 6 and 12.  I absolutely loved toying around with different formats but decided as gorgeous as it’d be to have one print, the 6 photo format was perfect for my Route 66 photo collage.

Blueprint made it easy to order my favorite Facebook photos in sticker albums, framed prints, and more-  no fussing with flash drives or 1 hour photo shops. I ordered my Facebook photo prints and delivery was crazy fast!


Whether you use or BluePrints to print your social media digital photos, the prices are great and the delivery is fast.  It’s one of the easiest ways to order gifts in a hurry!

Great print ideas would be: Chronicle each year for birthdays or anniversaries, or make a great baby or wedding gift by putting together photos to tell a story from the first photos to the big day baby was born or a couple tied the knot!

I think it’d also be super cute just to print some of these and put them in holiday or birthday cards.  Don’t let your favorite memories hide on online, showcase them at home too!




I received product to facilitate this review but that did not impact my review.  I wholeheartedly adore this service!

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8 responses to “How To Print Your Instagram Photos For Easy Gifts and Decor”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the stickers too! I think my kids would go nuts with them though…got to be careful around the kids!

  2. Laura says:

    Ya, I was going to try to go to Costco and print my Instagram photos but it seemed like a pain to figure out so this works since it’s made for Instagram and I don’t have to use 1 hr photo!

  3. Rebecca Jo says:

    I am in love with the framed print!!!!

  4. I’m always frustrated that there’s not an easier way to get pictures from social media printed out. Thanks for sharing these, I’ll have to check them out!

  5. Janine says:

    I’m totally doing this for christmas gifts!

  6. Wonderful idea especially for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tina says:

    Fun idea, great for gifts!

  8. Vincent says:

    I found a new site named TouchingPrints provides similar product but lower price and better prints quality. Amazing is receiving the products in 3 days after my order.


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