Mug Gifts For Coworkers $20 & Under

November 10, 2015

Since you’re probably Type A (A.K.A. Type Awesome!) like I am, you’re probably already thinking about your holiday gift giving since you have 1,000 other things to do, travel, parties and budgets to adhere to this holiday season. I’ll be releasing my holiday gift guides this week and next so you can get a head start before things get crazy.

If it’s too soon for you to think about holiday shopping (and you want to throw rotten fruit through the screen) you can always catch the guides later in the sidebar.  

$20 or less Coworker Mug Gifts

1. yule fuel  2. take a bow   3. but first coffee  4.  the best mug  5. macarons  6. liquid love *3.99!  7. jellyfish  8. pendleton  9.  Chalkboard set of 4 ($10 each)

Mugs are the bane of my cluttered existence yet something I treasure when someone gives me just the right one. Mugs get a bad rap since so many of them are totally ugly, but some of my favorite gifts were mugs that made me laugh or simply were a treasure to pull out of the cupboard every morning for a hot, warming cuppa.

Pair of any of these mugs with a bit of instant coffee, a yummy creamer for the desk drawer, or some tea bags and you’ll have a thoughtful gift with a gorgeous desk adornment that serves a purpose.

For my friends and digital coworkers, if you’d like to gift me any of these, I’d be happy as a clam!  I’ve been eyeing the Tiffany Bow Mug for over two years, and apparently it’s gone for good…so if any of these mugs tug on your heart strings, get them before they’re gone!

Be sure to check out the other gift guides going live this week to snag some great deals and truly treasured gifts to give!


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