My Favorite Podcasts #2

March 25, 2011

Here’s round two of my favorite podcasts:  See Round One for the first list!


The Million Dollar Mindset:  I just started listening to this podcast and I totally dig it.  It tackles a lot of the issues that many of us goal-driven folk don’t know how to deal with:  procrastination, stress, building happiness and getting inspiration.  This is a great source for grappling with the roadblocks to success but also to help you focus on the positive and build skill sets to achieve you goals.




The Watercooler Podcast:   I sometimes just need a bit of humor and background noise when I’m getting ready in the morning or checking my email.  The news got way too depressing and the Watercooler Podcast is perfect for when I need something not-to-heavy or funny listen to when doing less-fun things (like you know, academics).

Fellow Chicagoans will also appreciate this podcast since it’s recorded here!




Undeclared for Life:  You.  Love. Everything.  You had dreams of becoming an astronaut as a kid, and a princess and the President of the United States while finally getting a pony to call your own. If you’re still figuring out what the heck you want to do with your life, and want some people who can help you capitalize on your many random interests and make them work for you- this is podcast was created for other “scanners” that don’t want to settle!



Stuff Mom Never Told You:  This podcast is like the Myth Busters of cultural gender myths and legends.    Is the G-spot real?  Why do guys propose?  Do nail salon fumes kill people?  Whats a debutante?   It’s a bit of science, history and pop culture all rolled into one and never fails to entertain and amuse!

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