Free Inspiration: Blake Mycoskie

March 28, 2011

I’ve posted about Toms Shoes before- it’s a brilliant plan: For every pair you buy, your purchase will be matched and a pair of shoes will be given to a child in need around the world. One for one. Get and Give.

What’s great is not just the shoes (which are totally like walking on sunshine), but the idea behind them. If we could only give what we get with everything. If buying a bushel of bananas could somehow feed someone else. If everything you did could have such a purpose and instant sustenance for someone else- that could revolutionize American consumerism. I’m not sure of many other companies that follow the Toms business model- but what if you could personally match what you purchase to help someone else? Every gift you bought yourself, you got a little something for someone else…I see this happening in little ways all the time.

-I have a Goal List on Day Zero. For every goal I achieve, I’m donating $5 to charity. I benefit, so does humanity.
-My awesome friend, Whitney F. took my advice in getting an ADORABLE cardigan she picked out. She got this cute addition to her wardrobe, but also matched the price to donate to Rescuing Ralph.
-For every item your purchase at The Hunger Site, you can see how much food was donated to people in need.


The “Tom” of Toms is not a person- it’s an idea. For every pair you purchase today, TOMORROW a pair is donated. It’s an idea of giving, and a powerful one. It’s not just about the stuff- it’s about the ideas that are spreading about social change, and the easy ways we can contribute. It’s a charitable epidemic that everyone can be a part of. It’s probably the best virus you’ll ever catch.

A Very Exciting TOMS Update:

BTW- get 9% cashback on any Toms purchase through CouponCactus and feel free to use my referral code *wink wink* = 124740


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