Makeup that Matters…A FruBu Fundraiser

May 1, 2011

As you can see in the video, I’m going to be doing a fundraiser in honor of my friend Kassie to support a foundation and organization that does a lot of good for young women and the community at large- the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, a non-profit group that Kassie and I were both a part of which cultivates the skills in young women to become the leaders of tomorrow.

My hope is to sell enough sets to generate a donation of $500-$1000 for the foundation. 100% of the profit from the purchase price is going towards the foundation, I won’t be making a cent! OH yes, and FREE SHIPPING when you order a set (or five!)   All sets will include a free sample too! 🙂
I’m selling two sets:

To purchase one of these sets you can:

-Log onto and put the designated items in your cart yourself. (I can’t put special sets on the site, but you can add the individual items to your cart).

-Log onto my MK Site and put one of the items mentioned in your cart but note you’d like the “set” in the additional info section during checkout and I’ll take care of the rest.

-Email me at to place an order for whatever sets you’d like!

-Payments can be made via check or credit card (directly at my MK website or make arrangements with me).


Free shipping is offered when you purchase the aforementioned sets… If you order any other items from my Mary Kay site, it will still be counted towards the fundraiser, but you will receive free shipping for any purchases $40 or more.

…so have a little less guilt next time you treat yourself to some new makeup in the month of May, it’s all going to a good cause!

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3 responses to “Makeup that Matters…A FruBu Fundraiser”

  1. Whitney Z says:

    So what are in these amazing sets? And where can I find them on the Mary Kay site so I can order me some MK goodness? <3

    • ShannynofFB says:

      You can order anything you like off the website or you can just put one thing in your cart, with credit card information and say \”I\’d like the nail set or the eye makeup set instead of this.\” OR you can email me, or comment here what set you\’d like and I can call to enter your CC info or you can send a check…lots of options..Oh ya, and paypal too. haha

      I have all of the inventory for the two sets featured at in stock already so I can offer free shipping. Everything else will be sent directly from the company and will be sent for $2.50 (split the shipping fee from MK) or free after $40.

      LOVE you and cannot wait to see you in June! 😀

  2. Good luck with the fundraiser!!!


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