Because Food Is Essential & Saving Money With An App Is Awesome

February 19, 2015

Shopping at Jewel Osco using their new app and MyMixx Savings!

I’m a hungry woman.  I like food and since I consume enough of it to really add up, saving money on groceries each week is crucial.  Over the last three weeks I have been documenting my use of the Jewel-Osco app to clip digital coupons on my iPhone with their MyMixx Savings program.

My grocery hauls have been a bit more substantial since the weather has been so spotty that I’ve been wanting to stock up in case we get another foot of snow in 24 hours that make grocery runs a bit harder.  Lately, there have been lots of MyMixx coupons for soups, frozen foods and staples I always need to stock up on, like dog food, laundry detergent and toothpaste.

This week, I was really psyched that I snagged some Yoplait Greek Yogurt for even cheaper than the sale in the store, since MyMixx allows you to combine both sale prices and the manufacturer coupons in the app.  What’s great about the savings is that they add up automatically when you check out- no need to clip coupons, just enter the phone number associated with your MyMixx account.


Saving Money with the Jewel Osco App & MyMixx


This week, I saved 16% and was able to snag some great savings on Herbal Essences shampoo & conditioner ($2 off), Pup-peronis for Matilda ($1.50 off) and Silk Almond Milk ($1 off) and some Tide Laundry Detergent ($3.50 off)… I also have access to all the receipts in my iPhone, so I can compare prices later and start tracking rock bottom prices for my favorite items so I know when to buy. (Frugal tip there!)

Join me next week for my final Jewel Osco run and see how much I save!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jewel-Osco. The opinions and text are all mine.

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3 responses to “Because Food Is Essential & Saving Money With An App Is Awesome”

  1. I’m a Trader Joes gal which means no couponing on food, but I’m super psyched to see more grocery apps hitting the market. I can’t do the circulars.

  2. Manley says:

    This app is fantastic. Thanks a lot!


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