How to Save on Ethically Sourced Diamonds

August 14, 2018

Love diamonds but concerned that those so-called "ethically sourced diamonds" may not be as squeaky clean as they claim? Then Clean Origin is for you.

Today I’m excited to partner with Clean Origin for a more frugal and ethically sourced engagement ring!

There’s a dirty, not-so-little, badly kept secret within the jewelry industry. Those sparkling, dazzling diamonds you are drooling over at your local jewelers? They were most-likely obtained in ways that destroy the environment and/or exploit workers.

While progress has been made since 2000 when the issue of “blood diamonds” funding warlords in countries like Sierre Leone, Liberia, and and Angola came to light, the industry is far from perfect. Conflict diamonds still enter the market and eventually end up in your local store or online. Plus, many of the people who work for “reputable” mines that claim to only produce ethically sourced diamonds, are still exploited due to lax or non-existent worker protection laws.

Even when companies follow the guidelines put together by the World Diamond Council, the environment suffers from diamond mining. Land disturbance is a major side-effect of this type of mining, which involves the removal of large quantities of soil from the earth. This destroys animal habitat and dramatically effects the immediate and surrounding land permanently. Just for a pretty gem for someone’s ring finger.

But I get it: you want a diamond ring! And luckily there are huge strides being made to supply people like you with ethically sourced diamonds.

Introducing Clean Origin

Case in point, Clean Origin is a company that has embraced the science of how diamonds are created. Their gems are made by humans in a laboratory. No strip mining or human rights violations here, folks. Just chemistry and some amazing technology!

Unlike companies who sell certified ethically sourced diamonds, that cannot irrevocably guarantee their diamonds are conflict free, Clean Origin can! In addition:

Ethically Sourcing Your Diamonds:

Pricing for a 1.00ct round diamond in J color and SI1 clarity. Minimum VG cut grade. (1.00 ct size includes stones ranging from .99ct to 1.02ct)

Create Your Own Setting

Clean Origin doesn’t just sell diamonds. They also offer a vast selection of solitaires, halos, and bridal sets. Or, create your own ring based on your budget and style.

Just for kicks, I created several dream engagement rings in a variety of budgets. I was super impressed with the prices and the bang you get for your buck. (I love the vintage settings! Be sure to check them out!)

Love diamonds but concerned that those so-called "ethically sourced diamonds" may not be as squeaky clean as they claim? Then Clean Origin is for you.

Additional Perks


If you are ready to take the next step and purchase engagement or wedding jewelry, I definitely recommend Clean Origin. They go beyond ethically sourced diamonds with beautiful, eco-friendly gems for significantly cheaper than their competitors. They’re the kind of company you can feel good about buying from without sacrificing quality and cut.

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One response to “How to Save on Ethically Sourced Diamonds”

  1. Caroline says:

    I didn’t know you could get high quality gems made in a laboratory!
    I definitely prefer this alternative to buy a mined diamond that serves only the interest of outrageously wealthy mine operators.

    We all love the beauty of diamonds but I certainly don’t want to encourage or fund the blood diamond industry.

    Great topic and ethical product choice!


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