Go-Green Challenge from Alice.com {Week 2}

April 9, 2012

Alice.com Review

This week, I took Alice.com up on their Go-Green challenge and scoured their site for eco-friendly products and organic snacks.  I was so excited to find that they had a huge array of Method, Seventh Generation, Annie’s Organics and a ton of other products with eco-friendly options for everything from cleaning products, to feminine care to pet products.  I was psyched!

What I loved about Alice.com was the fact that I could get everything I needed for myself, the apartment and Ralphie-Pug that was eco-friendly and competitively priced. PLUS, I got free shipping straight to my door!  Me=one happy camper.

My Alice.com Haul= Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, 2 boxes of tissues, kitchen trash bags, 2 jugs of eco-friendly bleach, disinfecting wipes and organic tampons from Seventh Generation.  2 bottles of laundry detergent from Method, eco friendly doggie bags, eco-friendly dog foot (wet & dry), 3 bottles of kombucha, Annie’s organic granola bars, VZ immunity drink mix, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Liquid Plumbr (not eco-friendly but a last minute emergency…our sink needed help!)   Plus, they threw in a wonderful bag of extra goodies…shampoo samples from Nexus and some pasta!

Whenever I go shopping, I always find that it’s hard to find the products I’m looking for and then, I have to lug them all the way home on the train.  Not only was I thrilled at the eco-friendly offerings, but the fact that I could get them affordably priced and shipped straight to my apartment without lugging them for blocks sealed the deal for me.  I placed my order Sunday night and it was here by Tuesday, so when I’m running low on essentials like toilet tissue or face wash, Alice.com really delivers on turnaround time!


Alice.com offers free shipping and uses eco-friendly packing fill!

When you place your order, you have the option of setting when you’ll need a reminder to restock an item.  If I know I typically need toilet paper every month, I can set reorder alerts to simplify my shopping.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken the train to Target and reminded myself “YOU MUST NOT FORGET TOOTHPASTE” only to get all the way there, stock up on everything else I needed, and forgotten the one thing I needed.  I love that Alice.com is wired so that I don’t run out of products but also to help remind me on orders that I need to restock the essentials I buy.


So all in all- Alice.com simplified my shopping & saved me money and time, I’m honestly impressed!  Since delivery was so cost-effective and simple I stocked up on the bulky and heavy things that are a pain to lug home:  Paper towels, eco-friendly bleach and laundry detergent,  organic kibble for Ralph & of course, some organic snacks for me.

I was uber impressed with the variety of options when it came to organic, eco-conscious offerings from Alice, and the turnaround time was phenomenal.


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  1. Sherri says:

    Too bad it is only for the US 🙁 Maybe some day they will ship to Canada.


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