Frugal Fashion: Workin Nerdy

June 25, 2014

Workin Nerdy Look -What I Wore To Work

I’m very fortunate that I work in the industry I do. For my day job, I get to work in jeans and comfy tops because I do a lot of really, interesting things for my work.

As a social asset manager (meaning I manage social media strategy for brands and assist the brand’s teams in brainstorming, executing and measuring social media initiatives) there are days I am pent up by my laptop all day- but I’ve also been known to have to trek it across town from office to office to see clients, run out to get supplies for a photo shoot or spend my day behind a camera to shoot pictures for a Twitter giveaway.


Working Nerdy - Frugal Fashion

Workin Nerdy- Frugal Fashion For Work at


Max, our little rescue pug, loves my new job.  (Well new as of 7 months ago.)  It usually means that when I get to work from my home office he has a warm lap to sit in, compared to the 1+ hour commutes I had at my last job.

He sometimes though, doesn’t realize that snoring on a conference call is so not cool.  But, on the other hand, when I get to hop on a Google Hangout with colleagues, he’s been known to make an appearance.


Max the pug and my Kate Spade Work Tote -

I work from several offices depending on the day of the week- so I pack my work tote, my beloved Kate Spade black leather carryall, to house the essentials:  Macbook, iPhone, Erin Condren day planner, Gel pens.  As long as I have wifi, I can work from anywhere.  That being said, I keep my go-tote ready to go in case there needs to be a change of venue.

I love that I can work from anywhere- but it also leaves plenty of room to forget a power cord or something in my other bag, so I try to keep it stocked.

My wardrobe staples:  Black Kate Spade work tote, Ray Ban sunglasses.  Though I’m a fashion amateur for sure, you can’t go wrong with the classics.


Kate Spade Work Bag With Jeans

Workin Nerdy - Frugal Fashion at

Wearing:  Tortoise Shell Rayban Sunglasses / Black & White Merona Blouse from Target / TOMS Boots (similar in chambray) / Kate Spade Leather Over The Shoulder Tote (Similar & Similar on sale!) / FitBit / Necklace From Closed Etsy Seller / Makeup Urban Decay Naked Palette


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