FruBu needs a tagline!

August 17, 2011

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Lend me your ears! is pickin’ up steam.  (thank you fabulous supporters!)

In fact, I will be attending 2 blogger conferences and shhhmoozing like nobody’s bid-ness this fall at the Financial Blogger Conference and the 20-something blogger conference (click here for more deets)…you know, with other bloggers that kind of erm, have their stuff together…(and perhaps I should too?)   and well, this aspiring-to-be-big  & beautiful blog needs a big beautiful tag line so I am reaching out to YOU and your savvy tastes to help lil ol’ me think of something that represents what in less characters than a tweet.


This is what I have thus far for’s new tagline:

“Because  smart   is the new sexy.  Deals  +  Giveaways  +   fabulous personal finance”

“Frugal is the new beautiful.  Learn + Save + Win”

“Where Frugal Gets A Facelift. Learn +Save + Win”   (or win/get rewarded)

Yay? Nay?  I need YOUR help because you have great taste (this is common knowledge.)  Thumbs up or down, or suggest your own por favor!

(Oh, and if you come up with somethin’ snazzy, I will be bragging like crazy about you at the conference and give you links or credit on my blog!)

And for all of my friends in the blogosphere heading to #FinCon11,  I want to meet you in person!  Marty @HTBCdotUS suggested that you can bring your ideas with you to the conference and we’ll swap ideas/cards!     Marty get your cards ready!!! 😉

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2 responses to “FruBu needs a tagline!”

  1. Kelley says: Where financial savvy is the new sexy.
    OR Making personal finance fabulous!

    and as for the last bit:
    Learn + Save + Win + FruBeau (I think that emphasizing the words "giveaways" and "deals" first cheapens your mission– you're frugal, not cheap!)
    Hope this helps! Love you!

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      All great ideas Kelly…I love the last part, that's great! Thanks so much! So much to consider!


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