I’m Joining the 30K Challenge

December 11, 2011

30k Challenge   First thing’s first- I’m pretty nervous to announce this.  It takes some serious ovaries to be a new blogger and announce to your readers and the world that you love what you do and you want to make a living from it.

In 2012 I want to make $30,000 in blogging income.  

Here’s the thing- since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been.   My first month in, I agonized over having to pay to register my domain,   I was that broke and terrified about starting a blog.   I had no idea if I could really make money blogging, and I didn’t know if anyone would read my writing.  Looking back, it’s sad to see that I worried over such a small amount of money in the scheme of things, but I couldn’t yet see the possibilities enough to have faith in myself.


As I look towards the next year, I know my calling is to serve.  

There are so many people out there just as broke and terrified as I was.  People in debt, people making pennies while they go back to school,  people starting over.     I have been fortunate enough to get through the lean times without losing my mind.  Through the pain of losing someone I loved, going through graduate school and starting over in a new part of the country I had never even been to, much less moving here alone and with almost no money or a job lined up.

I learned to find happiness amid the chaos and strife, and  I hope I can teach others how to make the best of difficult situations and limited incomes to grow wealth and of course, make the most meaning out of our lives in the process.

If I can help someone else navigate life’s challenges and grow this blog to do so, that would be amazing.   I have seen other bloggers write with a servant’s heart and still pay the bills and live a life of leadership, I dream of doing the same.

I have never made $30,000 in my life.  I’ve been in college, and when I wasn’t I was working for a non-profit.  $30k is a huge stretch, but not impossible.  I will hustle and I will help people.


If you’re interested in more information, head over to onlinemoneybloggers.com -the more the merrier in this challenge!




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11 responses to “I’m Joining the 30K Challenge”

  1. Michelle says:

    Good luck! I'm hoping to start making more off my blog soon too.

  2. Good luck. I will be following the progress of the challengers to pick up some tips.

  3. Emily Huter says:

    Congratulations for setting yourself on the path of doing what you love and being passionate about it. It's something that very very few people do – but most of them are better off for it. 🙂

  4. sooverdebt says:

    Never fear! We will become blogging rock stars and set our sights on world domination in 2012!!!! $30k? Pfft. We got this!!!

  5. You go girl! I have faith in you–you will rock the blogosphere!

  6. 20sfinances says:

    I agree with Andrea – you got this! If you commit your time and energy, you will do great. Plus, there's a community to help you.

  7. Jenny McD says:

    Go you!!! Although you are absolutely the most frugal AND fabulous friend I have, I still don't know how you do it! My new job nets me $32k pre-taxes and such, but I still feel very unfabulous on my limited budget…. I am more than ready to learn how you continue to be awesome on such a tight budget! Help me get my rear in hear, sister! 🙂

  8. Jenny McD says:

    *rear in gear… duh.

  9. Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

    Thank you everyone for the awesome comments- you have no idea how blessed I feel to have the support that I do- it's a tremendously powerful asset to have! I really have to brainstorm how I can make this happen, and will be giving it thought and prayer- oh and some research too! ha!

  10. PKamp3 says:

    I wish you luck – here's to $30,000 a month! (That might be further out, but the journey starts now!)

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