Best Promos for Conferences?

August 15, 2011

We all LOVE the free promotional goodies that are handed out like piñata candy at festivals and conferences, don’t we?  I’m always happy as a kid at a birthday party when I get free stuff from vendors and companies-  pens, thumb drives, fridge magnets, bottle openers…I just LOVE that stuff (yes I’m a total nerd here people!)

I bring this up because I’m going to two Blogger Conferences this fall and I’m super stoked to be representing at the Financial Blogger Conference and the 20-sb Blogger Conference that are both taking place right here in Chicago!  I want to have something on hand to give to potential contacts and blogger friends to take home with them and so they can easily find me to get in contact afterwards…


The only problem is…what should I hand out other than boring old business cards?  I was thinking some kind of promo material like keychains, purse mirrors or personalized magnets that I can use to market my site to other bloggers and possible collaborators…what do you think?    

Karl Hills with his Gary Vaynerchuk Crush It sweatband  Photo:

I’ve heard of other online folks who have had some pretty awesome ideas when promoting their blog or site at offline social events, like Gary Veynerchuk of WineLibrary TV.  When out at events, he used the opportunity to promote his book, Crush It with arm bands for people to sport at the social networking event he attended and they were a  big hit and he was actually sought out so people could chat with him and snag a cool arm band- that’s a brilliant networking tool!


So, if it were you, and you were meeting a 20-something lady who was promoting her blog, what little (affordable) token would capture your attention and make you want to log onto when you got home?  


My requirements for the FruBu Promo goodies:

-I don’t want to have to buy HUGE quantities  (50-100 max)

-I don’t want to spend more than 50 cents a piece. (but would be willing to spend more if it was awesome and would make an impression!)

-I want something that women can use but will make an impression.

-Adorable would be nice too!


So, have you ever gotten a promo goodie from a networking event or conference that made an impression?  What have you gotten that you could care less about or have too much of?  

 Do you actually use the business cards you get?   Your feedback will help me get something cool!

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2 responses to “Best Promos for Conferences?”

  1. FinCon will be my first conference, so I have no good ideas. I went with the boring old business cards. LOL I'll be eager to see what kind of suggestions you get.

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