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January 25, 2011

MMMMMmustasche Mugs

‘Stache Mugs by Kimay:  For those of us who like to look refined while sipping a hot cocoa, and nothing less than a ‘stache will do!

Pillow by MyMimi:  Unicorns aren’t just reserved for your unconscious time anymore!  Plus, this way cuter than anybody else your’e going to wake up next to…

Poster by Libertyworks:  Tiffany blue and dignified.  I’m not sure if the message or the color is more soothing, but this is a must have on posters, notecards and anything in my line of vision!

Fabric Garland by SparklePower:  Don’t you just want to go outside and have a picnic?  Pair this with an adorable lawn gnome and a basket or simply hang it in your living space to fight off the winter doldrums!

Poster and Stationary by AfricanGrey: She makes posters, stationary and tags for all kinds of adorable breeds!   I love her work!



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