Fitness Just Got Legit: I’m Taking A DietBet On My Weight Loss for Over $12,000!

January 15, 2013

Dietbet blog review



Dietbet is for anyone that wants to lose weight and gain some money.   Since I started running last summer, I’ve noticed I’m motivated by two things- swag & money.  

Back in summer of last year when I went out and bout over $100 in running gear on a whim, the thought of wasting money on fitness gear motivated me to make it count!

Later, I signed up for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon because I knew putting a nonrefundable financial commitment to my running would help me stay committed to running for over six months to train.

I love the idea behind DietBet, it’s a social way to get fit and lose weight. Not only does it help to do this with friends but it also helps that you could be quite a bit richer!


Most of all though, I like DietBet because, while it has the word “diet” in it, it’s not about popping pills or taking shortcuts, the goal of the 4 week competition is to genuinely lose weight, not cheat, in any sense of the word.

Truly, traditional “dieting” and especially, dietpills is nothing but a way to cheat your body and cheat yourself. Luckily, that’s not what this DietBet competition is all about!

Dietbet is not for wussies- you put together a pool of friends, in this case, bloggers, who will all put money in the pot to see who can lose 4% of their body weight.  Right now, I’ve teamed up with my Fitfluential friends to all chip in a $25 bet and the pot is currently up to $12,275.




Yep, I could win a sweet sum of money- over $10,000 to lose weight this year. Sweet!

So, what’s my plan to win this DietBet?  I am going to amp up my training with Kaia F.I.T. and will be doing the gym 4 days a week and running 2 days a week.

Additionally, I’m going to have a green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and will do my best to eat healthy for dinner- an emphasis on fresh, rainbow veggies.  Oh, and plenty of water. TONS of water. I’ve already tried to cut soda out of my life so that won’t be too hard!

 Never, would I thought I’d want to publicly talk about my weight, the fact I want to lose it, and most of all, PUT MONEY DOWN for it.  I’m really excited to work with DietBet, especially because I’ll be up against some of the fittest, savviest bloggers on the interwebs…don’t believe me?  See the Fitfluential DietBet 

I’m really going to work for this one, there’s some stiff competition out there!


Would you ever take a bet on losing weight?

What’s the most creative way you’ve fueled a goal?



FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own. 

11 comments so far.

11 responses to “Fitness Just Got Legit: I’m Taking A DietBet On My Weight Loss for Over $12,000!”

  1. Tara says:

    This whole dietbet thing sounds pretty cool. I need to check it out! How is your bootcamp going? Cheers, Tara 🙂

  2. JK says:

    I heard about this on TV the other day. It’s definitely intriguing! I do worry, however, that it could be bad news for someone with food/diet/exercise obsession. Probably one of those things where you need to know yourself well enough to know you will not do anything unhealthy to “win.”

    • Shannyn says:

      Right- while I think there’s two sides to every coin- just like athletes that play hurt and damage their bodies just to win, there are also people who need that spark to motivate themselves to face their fears about fitness, to tackle years of hating their weights and thus, their bodies.

      I hope people will enter DietBet with the intention of doing their best, not necessarily being the best- not taking shortcuts to get there or doing damage to win!

  3. Wow, would I not want to bet against you on that! Your attitude indicates you’ve already got this one in the bag! I’m not sure how I feel about competitive weight loss, but hey, $1075 for doing what you’re already doing is top notch!

  4. Jil says:

    I don’t like bets 🙂 (fb)

  5. Janet says:

    You’re brave! I don’t know if I could talk about my weight publicly…I know a few other bloggers are doing this, but I’m not sure if I could do it..but maybe for a thousand dollars I might change my mind. hahahah

  6. Makeupwishes says:

    I did this in the past with a bunch of co-workers at my last job, it worked great. We had a weekly weigh in and a person that was not in the pool documented our weights and kept it all a secret until final weigh-in day. It was fun and at the same time we all held each other accountable for the food that passed our lips. It was motivation.

  7. Suze says:

    I’m not sure if I would do this- something to think about!


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