I’ve Got Conversation Pieces…Oooh La La!

April 11, 2012

Polka Dot Dress + Cardi from ShopConversationPieces.com

Greetings from NYC!  I am currently sitting in a cozy corner of a coffee shop in Manhattan known as The Bean.   A few days ago, I got to sport this adorable outfit out and about in downtown Chicago to grab Cuban food with my friend and hang out at a few Wicker Park bars- totally a blast!

I discovered Conversation Pieces a few months ago and have been in love ever since-  not only does everything come gorgeously wrapped, but I adore Audrey and her lil pup Angel, they really make shopping a treat!

Conversation pieces carries exactly that- wardrobe essentials with an extra flair that will surely be a conversation starter!  I saw this adorable polka dot dress and fell in love immediately, it comes with an adorable and sturdy skinny bow belt (which stayed on snugly and didn’t get tangled or unfasten!)  and paired it with the gorgeous cobalt cardigan.


Call me old-fashioned, but I love the simplicity of a simple dress in a fun pattern that’s paired with a solid, bright sweater.  For a girl that wants to kick the jean habit but still keep it simple the dress+cardi=quick non-jeans outfit.

The dress was totally comfortable, and didn’t ride up or need a slip.  I also am positive the soft cardigan was comfy enough to live in!


Use code "BEAUTIFUL" for free shipping

Also, if you want free shipping (as it’s past April 1st)  use the code BEAUTIFUL to ship for free!

Huge thanks to Conversation Pieces for sending this awesome outfit over for review, I totally loved it- your selection is awesome and the clothes are too cute.  I am such a fan!  

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5 responses to “I’ve Got Conversation Pieces…Oooh La La!”

  1. addvodka says:

    SUCH a cute outfit. Love it!

  2. We are very proud of our buck named Roadkill. His name alone is a conversation piece – he was not roadkill, but Bow kill. He was the first thing we hung up in our new home.

  3. Alysa says:

    Oh my word!! I love the idea of adding some jazz to the staples in my wardrobe! I have a few questions about the details: Is it like Rent-The-Runway where you wear and return or is it for keeps? What's their return policy like – if you buy something you decide is too much flair I mean? Anyways you look stunning and great choice with the cobalt companion!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! This online boutique is one of my fave places to shop- and polka dots are just so fun!

  5. Tammy says:

    I adore polka dots… seriously. I'm sad the dress doesn't seem to be in stock anymore but it's cute!


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