How To Make Heels More Comfortable

June 10, 2014

Love wearing heels because of how they look, but hate the pain? Try these tips for making heels more comfortable to wear.

Use blister guard (or deodorant in a pinch!).  Keep preventative measures on you, but if you don’t have blister guard (which is a great little stick of awesomeness to keep in your handbag), then you can use deodorant.

Break them in by practicing around the house. You can break them in or they can break you.  Ease into any heels, especially if you haven’t worn them in awhile.  Not only will your shoes strain your feet, but they will require some practice, which can make your feet and calves tired.   Before you go out for a night, wear them around the house- if you can’t stand to get ready in them, you might not survive a night out in them.

Prevention is the best medicine, know your fit. The best way to avoid heel pain is to make sure you’re in the right pair and to plan ahead if you’re going to do a lot of walking.  If a shoe is the wrong size, it can cut into your skin, or slip in the back and cause you to trip.  Online shopping is great, but make sure you are certain you have the right size for your foot and it’s comfortable on your arch before you commit.  Don’t spend money on shoes that are unbearable!

Go for a thicker heel or wedge.  Love the length a heel gives you but hate the discomfort? Find a style you like that has a wedge or a heel that’s thicker than a stiletto and you’ll find you may be able to walk a bit further in those heels with less pain.  Yes, a stiletto is sexy, but wincing in pain if the heel thickness just won’t work for you, isn’t a good thing- try a wedge.

Toe taping is your friend.  A good trick is to use medical tape to tape your third and fourth toes together, apparently it allows for better balance and a better fit.  It can also decrease the pain you have when walking in heels.

Stock Your Purse- You should keep some moleskin squares and blister blocker stick in your purse in case your shoes start to rub the wrong way.  Various factors can make even the best shoes uncomfortable including how long you’ve been on your feet and temperature, both can cause your feet to swell a bit and rub. Keep your purse stocked!


What To Use To Make Your High Heels More Comfortable

Lacey No Show Socks / Moleskin / High Heel Shoe Stretcher / Heel Foot Petals / Band-Aid Friction Block Stick / 

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages / High Heel Gel Insoles


Invest In A Shoe Expander-  A good leather shoe can be stretched if it’s just a bit too snug or it’s cramping your toes.  Be very, very gentle and gradual- but if you don’t want your foot to break in the shoe, try to do it with an expander.

Avoid pointy shoes (or size up if you have to!).  I love a good pointy shoe, but you need to be cautious about sizing since they can lead to serious foot issues and pain in general if they’re too snug in the toe.  If you size up and the heel slips a bit, you can adjust this with a no-show sock or foot petals in the heel.

Have A Cinderella Moment- Don’t Stop Until You Find It!  It can be tempting to buy a pair of shoes because they’re cute but you need to make sure it’s the right fit.  If it feels even slightly uncomfortable as you wear them in the stores (and seriously, take your time!) it will only get worse as you wear them out.  Most of us try and break in a shoe, but most times, the shoe breaks us.  Be careful what you spend money on, shoes are an investment!

High heels don’t have to be painful, but if they are, having an arsenal of good products to prevent blisters and pain is key to wearing them comfortably.  Shoes are an investment- so take good care of them, but of course, take good care of your feet so you’ll actually wear them out.

Love high heels but hate the pain? Learn how to make your high heels more comfortable

Enjoy your heels, and go look fabulous!

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4 responses to “How To Make Heels More Comfortable”

  1. Lauren says:

    I picked up that friction block stick at Target after you told me about it, lifesaverrrr! Thanks gull!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never tried toe taping! I’m going to try it with my next pair of heels. Thanks!

  3. Very informative post, Shannyn! I always wear my high-heeled shoes around the house. But the Band-Aid Friction Block Stick is a great tool. I will need to check that out! Thanks!

  4. hi, Thanks everyone for your comments, i really appreciate.


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