Conscious Box Review & Happy Belated Earth Day!

April 23, 2012

So, the audio in this clip drives me bonkers (or you know, makes me want to cry..whatevs!)  It’s happened a couple of times where the recording on my MacBook pro doesn’t quite match up with the audio and in the past I’ve caught it and re-recorded.  Well, this time I didn’t catch it in time (it seems to line up in the beginning and end, not in the middle, wth.)

I enlisted the help of a friend over the weekend to fix it but to no avail- so I’d suggest you just close your eyes and let the soothing voice of your favorite frugal vlogger take you away to a peaceful place with this video review.  You can imagine me in crazy outfits or maybe doing this review while perched atop a stallion- whatever works for you.

So what’d I think about the Conscious Box?

In sum, I loved the Conscious Box- it’s a great way to get some eco-friendly beauty products WITH snacks and cool little extras too.  I loved the seeds and the paint, how fun!  For anyone that’s thought “Wow this beauty box sure is fun but I could totally use a snack,”  the Conscious Box has the best of both worlds!    I’ve subscribed for 3 months..booyah!

To snag your own Conscious Box head over to:

Inside the Conscious Box:
Planet Dishwashing Soap
Glob Natural Paint
Cloud 9 Raw Chocolate (I ate it, interesting stuff!)
Earth Friendly Products
Juice Beauty Skin Care
Climb On Skin Salve
Generation Me Detergent
Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt
Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn
Seed Ballz (love!)
Natural Joy Beauty Lip Glaze
Groovy Planet Worry Doll
Clandestino Chocolate Covered Bananas
Sparkle Hearts
Team Green Nature Trading Cards
Bare Body Soaps

Don't one *technical difficulty* ruin your Earth Day

This should really say, “Don’t let 1 unfixable video ruin your Earth Day” Blarg.


Have you tried Conscious Box or any other subscription services? What did you think?

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6 responses to “Conscious Box Review & Happy Belated Earth Day!”

  1. Tammy says:

    I came over to your blog after seeing your Birchbox review on YouTube…cool stuff! You really like doing box reviews don't you? I saw you had like five up there! I've used Beauty Army and Birchbox but haven't tried some of the other ones you mentioned so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for blogging!

    • Haha, you got me- I LOVE doing product reviews, especially for these box subscription services. I loved the Conscious Box and am still enjoying all the goodies inside! I have a few more boxes coming so I'm debating if I will keep reviewing this particular's too fun!

  2. Angela says:

    Haha… technical difficulties. It's okay, happens to the best of us. Liked the review!

  3. Chelsea says:

    I'm addicted to subscription boxes! I'm even getting my boyfriend the new Birchbox for men so I can see what's in it, haha


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